The Maze Runner


Mrs. Hutchinson poses with The Maze Runner

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

The Post-Apocalyptic genre is vast and full of intriguing books. One of the more popular ones is The Maze Runner by James Dashner. It is set in the distant future, where groups of teenagers are placed into a seemingly endless stone maze with no memory of who they were before.

We are introduced to the main character, Thomas, when he shows up in a box on what the inhabitants call “The Glade.” The doors to the maze close every night, keeping out vicious predatorial monsters that devour every human in sight. A group of maze mappers, called Runners, risk their lives every day trying to find a way out before the doors close, the only problem is that the maze changes shape every day.

Once you’ve read the books, that came out in 2009, you can watch the film series; however, they don’t quite capture some of the important details that are found in the books. The movie has vivid graphics that make the movie just as suspenseful as the books, if not more. 

The plot of both the book and movie is action-packed and full of dangerous twists and turns, and these twists, including the ending, are extremely unpredictable. This makes the book difficult to want to put down once you start. It is a fun adventure, suspenseful story, and all-around interesting read.