Students show off their spirit week outfits….


Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

We have wrapped up the end of spirit week and last Friday was officially Homecoming 2022. Students have gotten really creative with putting together outfits for our dress-up days with the opportunity to earn numerous points for the class competition.

Kicking off the start of the week, Monday the theme was Celebrity Day. The halls were full of different celebs and tons of pictures were captured. Not one student was the same celebrity.  The creativity that this school holds was shining last week. Tuesday there was an army of bikers and surfers. Students had the choice to bring out their wild Hawaiian shirts and surfer attire or edgy leather head-to-toe.  Junior Gwendolyn Bulko dressed up as an edgy biker rocking leather pants and jacket. She explains how¨ I started collecting leather clothing and grungy accessories and I found this as a perfect opportunity to wear these pieces.¨

Wednesday the theme was Duo-Day. Students were ingenious with their matching outfits. Juniors Jasmine Breining and Cj Smith participated in duo-day as a cheerleader and football player. Jasmine describes how ¨I like that we were able to match and correspond with each other this was by far my favorite dress-up day.¨

 Thursday was the perfect theme for the chilly fall weather we had. Students brought out their comfiest of pajamas and came to school dressed laid back and cozy. Sophomore Mackenzie Russell says that ¨the best part about this dress-up day is being comfortable with a warm blanket and sleepwear.¨

Friday was the most important day of the week. Students were seen in purple and gold showing off their school spirit for the fun events we had going on that evening. Despite just dressing up for the class competition, students had a blast dressing to our themes and getting the entertaining experience last week.