It’s Art Show time!


Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

           Every year during springtime Jackson County has an Art Show involving every school in the county. These schools are given the chance to showcase their students’ greatest artwork. For the past couple of years, the art show has been online due to Covid, and it still continues to be held online. 

   Art teacher, Mr. Couling describes that he has ¨extremely talented students.  I am so very proud of how hard they have worked in the upcoming overall show. ¨

Despite our long history of receiving tons of ribbons, it’s expected to continue the tradition, especially with this year’s student artwork. 

Some senior students that need to be highlighted for doing phenomenal work this year are: Patty Moore, Zoe Jason, Cady Easterwood, Joe Bulko, and so many more.

Zoe Jason explains that ¨I think the class went well, overall the entire class just followed the concept of you work within this amount of time and you’re good.  I’m awful at managing my time so I was usually turning in art projects at mass. Since I had an hour and 50 min class, it was excepted to start a project Monday and finish it either by Friday or the next Monday. I don’t know what project I was most proud of but it was probably between a pen and ink I did and a colored pencil drawing. Mostly because they were pieces that held sentimental value to me personally. ¨

     Even though Couling mentions that all his students are the best artists, some certain creative art pieces that stood out in the showcase are: Nolan Mattson’s three-dimensional art piece that shows something truly unique with added beads for texture; Emily Blackmer’s trio medium that includes pencil, charcoal, and pen/ink all in one, to create a fun nature scene; Patty Moore´s Lady Gaga; Zoe Jason´s Pumpkin Jack; and Iyla Weeks´ Sea Turtle.

Judging starts Monday 4/25 and is all through next week. If you’re interested in seeing how the students place. Go to to find out.