The return of original Fortnite!

The original map is back!
The original map is back!
Connor Stevens

The keys are clicking, and the controllers are turning. You know that sound… the original Fortnite is back, and it is more popular than ever! 

Nearly six years ago, Fortnite was released to the public. Many individuals anticipated playing the game on its release day of September 26th, 2015. Many people around the world were playing Fortnite, getting on right after school, and staying on for countless hours. This continued for about three years with them having a lot of fun. 

Slowly, small changes were put into the game, making many of its players put the controller down and not play anymore. Players were waiting and demanding the return of the original map; after countless years, it is finally back. It has more activity than it ever has had in all six years of being around, especially here at CHS. The old map had much fun to it that many original Fortnite players loved, some may describe it as better graphics or better location marks on the map.

Jordan Medellin, a junior here at Concord, explains his excitement over the return of the original Fortnite map. He says, “Honestly, it is a great season; you get to hang out with the guys and bring back some good old memories.” When asked about how much it relates to the old times, he states, “It brings back so much nostalgia; it’s just so unique, and it brings back so many memories, honestly.”

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Macy Sinden a sophomore here at Concord shares her thoughts on the return of the map. She says, “It’s really fun to have Fortnite back; I’ve been waiting for the return of the original map, and it’s finally here. I am excited to play!”

Mekhi Wingfield, a senior here at CHS, explains the memories Fortnite has brought back for him as well. He states, “I think the new Fortnite season is good; I like how they brought the old map back; I don’t think it will ever be truly O.G. because of all of the bots that play the game, but overall it’s really good.”

Cieara Barrett, a sophomore at CHS shares her thoughts on the old map. She says, “I really like it, I think it’s really fun because of all of the things that they brought back. Overall, I think it is really fun.”

Sophomore Christian Castro has been playing Fortnite since the original season one first came out. He shares his excitement for the return of the map, saying, “It’s beautiful, the new map, back to O.G., you know. I’m out here wiping the whole map, and I have just been on fire.”

With the return of the O.G. map, Fortnite’s player base has boomed, and recently it had a record-breaking 44 million active players at once and over 100 million hours of playtime. When you find yourself bored, hop on Fortnite and try to catch a dub! Make sure to get on Fortnite before December 2nd when the season is going to go away in order to have the original experience!

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