Art Show 2023


One of Zoe Schultz’s pieces in the exhibit.

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

This year’s art show was a roaring success for Concord art students. This year there were over 200 pieces of art in the show and many received medals. In the past, medals have been stolen so switching to different colored stickers helped to give the awards out but not have them stolen.  The sticker colors meaning: Blue-first, Red-second, Yellow-third. 

Since the start of the art show, Mr.Couling has received emails from people who have been enamored with the art the students have created. A couple of the emails received said:

 “I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your students’ artwork. It is beautifully done and so nicely matted! Please extend my excitement to all your students! Great job!” – Lacina S

“I just wanted to let you know your students are amazing. I really enjoyed all of the art on display at Jackson Crossing; however, I noticed that the students from your class really seem to outshine the rest. Also, one student’s art in particular really stood out – I loved the work by Maddi Biszalik, especially the one of the waterfall with the flowering trees.” – Tom G

Senior student Madison Biszalik was even offered money for one of the pieces she has in the art show. Her excitement was apparent as she shared that, “the art show is always an amazing thing. I think we have so many amazing artists at Concord that deserve to have their art shown off, and I think this is a great way to do that. Mr.Couling pushes each student to be their best, and I think that is the biggest part of why we have a great art program.”

This year Junior Zoe Schultz was given the opportunity by Art-A-loan to have her art framed and put on display in a local business for a year. She explains, “ I feel honored to have the opportunity to be able to put my pieces in the art show. I think we have some amazing artists at Concord, and it is a great opportunity for us to show off our work.”

Mr.Couling has been participating in the art show for 26 years and is extremely proud that the students of Concord produce such amazing art to put on display, “The quality of the artwork is outstanding because my students put so much time and effort into their artwork. I am so pleased with my students’ artwork at the Jackson Crossing.”