Spring break destinations and recommendations

Looking for a place to visit this Spring Break? Read about students and staff recommendations.
Photo from one of Pyper Norris trips. (Courtesy of Pyper Norris)
Photo from one of Pyper Norris’ trips. (Courtesy of Pyper Norris)

Spring break is coming up quickly, and to prepare many families are deciding where to travel. This can sometimes be difficult with all the amazing places around the country, but there are some popular places that many families from Concord gravitate towards.

Florida is one of the most popular places that students tend to visit during spring break. It is about a 21-hour drive from Michigan or a 2 ½ hour plane ride. Many people visit Florida because of its warm climate and beautiful scenery, the beaches especially. Everyone can swim through the clear water, play in the sand, or even tan on the beach. While there, if you look in the water, you can see some of Florida’s wildlife: dolphins, coral, sea turtles, and countless species of fish. Another activity you can do while in Florida is go and visit the shops throughout town. They are good places to get souvenirs, or even just pass by for a walk. If you are looking for something to spend a day doing, Florida is known for its theme parks; these include, Universal Studios, Legoland, Walt Disney World, and more. 

Sophomore, Gabriella Herzberg has been one of the many students at Concord who has visited Florida. She visited when she was in eighth grade and explains that she enjoyed spending time with her cousins and other relatives. She explains that someone should visit Florida because it is “sunny, pretty, and a fun experience”. This year, Herzberg is traveling to Tennessee; this will be her first time visiting and is excited to see the Smoky Mountains.

Another popular state to visit among the student body is Tennessee. It is located about 11 hours away if you want to drive or around a two-hour plane ride. It is another state known for its natural beauty, filled with mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife. These can be seen by going on a hike or even simply looking outside. Something many people go to see is the Smoky Mountains. If you visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you can see them up close. There are trails to walk or ride bikes on to see the forests, wildflowers, rivers, waterfalls, and of course the mountains. Along with the beauty, a particular city in Tennessee is very popular to visit: Nashville. There are so many things to see, such as The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, The Grand Ole Opry, and The Johnny Cash Museum. All of these places do cost a fee to enter, but there are many free places to visit as well; these include, Centennial Park, Tennessee State Museum, Music City Walk of Fame, and visiting Downtown Nashville.

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Photo from one of Pyper Norris’ trips. (Courtesy of Pyper Norris)

Junior Pyper Norris has gone somewhere every year for spring break. Last year, she visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee. When asked what her favorite memory from it was, she replied: “Going go-karting up a mountain.” She also shares that it was not the warmest, but they made the best of it. This year, her family is visiting Alabama; she shares what she is most excited about, “Getting away for a week and not having to do school.”

Another popular state is North Carolina. It is about a two-hour plane ride and an 11-hour drive, but it is worth it to see what North Carolina has to offer. During this time of year, it is on the cooler side with the weather reaching highs of mid-60s. Though the temperatures are slightly cooler than other places, the beach is still an amazing place to go. There are shells all over it, waves that can be swum in, and you are able to just sit in the sun; some of the beaches even have boardwalks. Many places also offer tours you can pay for. You get on a boat, and they drive you through the water to see wildlife, such as dolphins. There are also many historical sites and museums to visit if you are looking for something else to do that will teach you about the history of North Carolina. They are a fun experience and teach you a lot about something you probably would not know.

Sophomore, Lane Blossom has been going to a town in North Carolina for the past eight years. He shares that, to him, the best part is the beaches. He also enjoys being able to hang out with his family, specifically, his cousins.

Along with North Carolina, some students like to visit South Carolina. Sophomore, Jaylin Knobblett visited Myrtle Beach last year for spring break. She shares her favorite part of the trip: “I went with Jordyan Metcalf, we wandered around a lot because our hotel was right on the beach. We wandered around the beach and got stuck in the ocean because of the waves.” Though she loved South Carolina, her favorite trip she had ever been on was when she went to Chicago. Knobblett explains that she loves the city and just being there, “It is my type of place and I just like to be there. The trip made me want to go to college there.” She adds that she likes to go on trips because she likes seeing new places and how things can be in different cities or states. 

Bernardo Boniati in Mammoth Cave. (Courtesy of Bernardo Boniati)

Bernardo Boniati is a foreign exchange student from Brazil, during his lifetime, he has been on many trips. He shares his favorite state he has visited, “I went to Alabama around the Huntsville area. I visited the U.S. Space & Rocket Center; it was fun to see how they went to the moon.” He also shares that he enjoyed a trip where he went to Kentucky and saw the Mammoth Cave. Boniati found the natural beauty of the cave very interesting, as well as the history he learned from the tour. Overall, he thinks these two places are nice to visit because of their climate and the experience of a southern culture. He thinks that everyone should travel because traveling brings you a new experience and you get to experience new cultures. It is one of the things that Boniati likes to do most in life and he feels it gives him a nice break from normal life.

If you are not looking to go on a trip that is extremely far away, there are many choices for day trips. One popular place is Chicago; it is located three hours away from Concord. It is a city filled with places to take pictures, get food, go shopping, and visit some of its famous attractions.

Along with the students, many teachers at CHS love to travel, one of whom is Mrs. Couling. She has traveled to many places with Mr. Couling and has a lot of fun doing so. Since she has been on so many trips, picking one as her favorite is difficult, she says, “I have been fortunate to travel to many places. I guess one of my favorite trips was the Europe trip in 2022. We had a great group of people and I got to see some wonderful places with great people. We went to Barcelona, the South Coast of France, Rome and Capri, Italy. For me, the part that made it one of the best was the group of people we traveled with, the students and the parents.” Not only did she love Europe, but she also loved Chicago. She traveled there with Mr. Couling and their kids and has many great memories from it. She loves how much there is to do and see there and overall just the energy of the city. Mrs. Couling adds one more thing, “Everyone should take time to travel. It will make your world so much bigger and full. With that said, you don’t have to spend a lot or go overseas, just be open-minded and have fun.”

Even if you will not be going anywhere, spring break is a chance to take a break from school and work. No matter where you are or where you are going, all that matters is that you have fun, relax, and make memories!

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