First school dance, finally!


Seniors Tyler Carpenter and Jaggur Smith having fun at the dance

Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

This past weekend CHS Student Council held the 2022 Snowcoming dance, which took place after the varsity boys game. 

The dance was a lot of fun. People were dancing all over the place. Senior Kayla Miller said, “My favorite part of the dance was when I was on the side of the cafeteria just trying to chill out, I looked to the middle of the room and saw people dancing funny and having a good time.”  There were a lot of people throwing down dance moves. Whether they were spectacular or just plain bad we all continued to hype each other up. 

This dance wouldn’t have been as much fun without one of the best DJs in the Jackson county area, senior Rylee Weeks. Rylee played the best songs all night and kept the party going with jamming music. Rylee said, “I didn’t get to dance much since I was the DJ, but it was a fun experience to sit back and see.” The time Rylee got to dance, she was throwing down some awesome break dancing moves, while Kayla Miller rocked the house for a little. Rylee said her favorite part of the dance was when everyone stepped out of their comfort zone and let loose some sick moves.

The dance was amazing it felt like a party you didn’t want to end, everyone laughing, smiling, and socializing. For some students, this was their last snowing dance before they off to college senior Tyler Carpenter said, ¨Its fun to look back at the snow coming from the years before, but it’s good to know we are moving in life.¨ Many seniors say they are said that it was thor last snow coming but is ready for the future. The Snowcoming queen, Lauren Gray, who is, by the way, the most deserving of this title says “My last Snowcoming dance was definitely the best one.” Glad the dance was well suited for our queen.