Senior Spotlight

Karlee Gamet


Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

Here we are with another senior spotlight that doesn’t disappoint. Karlee Gamet is a senior here at CHS. Aside from being a very kind and sweet person, she is also a multi-sport athlete, softball and volleyball being her favorite. She embraces leadership as the spirit commissioner for the senior class, public relations of the student council, and the vice president of NHS. 

Karlee is planning on attending a university to become a middle school math teacher; she has already been accepted to Central Michigan and Ferris State University. When I asked her where she sees herself in 10 years, she said “I don’t really care where I live. I could be happy living anywhere, but I see myself in my own house, with a husband and kids, a steady paying job, and just having fun with my family.¨  Although Karlee has future educational goals and strong values, she also has a light-hearted personality, full of fun. 

While everyone has favorite things, Karlee’s consist of driving frequently, organizing the kitchen, and obsessing over Harry Jowsey. I mean who wouldn’t be obsessed with a handsome Australian man? More things Karlee likes are sushi, chocolate and country music. 

Being both talented and smart, it wasn’t much of a surprise when she said she can play the guitar, mandolin, and keyboard. 

Early bird or night owl? She said she loves waking up early and making breakfast, but she also loves staying up late. “I’m not really an afternoon person, I don’t like afternoons,” said Gamet.

Before we end this article, let me leave you with this last piece of advice Karlee has for underclassmen: “Everything is gonna work out, you just need to keep pushing through and that you’re good enough, being yourself is okay.”