Senior Spotlight: Adair Artis


Riley Adams, Staff Writer

Who is Adair Artis? Adair is a senior at Concord High school who participates in many sports and other extracurricular activities. Since Adair moved here in 6th grade, he has shown growth and improvement. It’s a pleasure to have him as a senior spotlight this week.

Adair has been running track for five years and cross country for four years. He also participates in indoor track and basketball. He has accomplished many things over these seasons. In track, cross country, and basketball he has achieved Academic All-Regional, Academic All-State, and Academic All-Conference. While these are only some of the awards, he has received, there are more to come. Not only has Adair received many awards, but he’s made many memories. One of his favorite memories was when the cross country team hung out at the house of Paige Morris, another fellow runner. Adair states, “It was fun hanging out with the whole team; it’s during moments like these that are most important for the team aspect.” Adair is not only a dedicated athlete but also a leader and role model for younger runners and his team. 

Adair is looked up to by many for not just his academic and sports achievements, but also his fun-loving personality. Ashton Easterwood, a friend of Adair, explains that “Adair is someone I really looked up to throughout my freshman and sophomore year. He was someone who was really good at what he did and was in a good group of people. I wasn’t in the best place in my life, was getting into trouble, and not doing the best in school. When I looked at Adair and his friends, I thought I want to fit in with that group and be known as a smart guy and driven rather than someone who got into a lot of trouble and in a bad group. Adair’s someone to look up to.” 

In Adair’s free time, he enjoys drawing, running, and hanging out with his friends. His favorite class includes senior art or just art in general. After high school, he would like to go to college, but which one he would like to attend is still undecided. He would like to continue his running career while figuring out which major is the best fit for him. Adair explains that “[he] would like to get into a future career that [he] can enjoy and can do for [his] whole life. [He] wants to look forward to going to do what [he]  loves every day.”

Coach Jurseak, one of Adair’s teachers and coaches, states, “Adair is an extremely hard worker and gets what he deserves. He focuses on a goal and does the work necessary to accomplish it.” Jurasek adds, “When I think of Adair, I always think of a kid that we can always rely on to do what we ask of him. There’s been a lot of times when he’s been placed in uncomfortable positions, such as running the mile and the eight-hundred back to back.  He just does what he has to do and is a great team player.” 

Coach Davis, Adair’s track coach, also has some stories about Adair. Davis explains, “Adair is the type of person to persevere and work very hard to reach the goals he makes for himself. That’s one of the things I like about him the most. One of my favorite memories about Adair is last year when we had gone to South Carolina for AAU National’s Junior Olympics. Adair had run the 4*800. The team won the National Championship in the 4*800. Adair had made himself a goal and did everything he could to achieve it, resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime experience as National Champion.”

Adair wants to leave incoming freshmen with a piece of advice: “Just keep working hard because it will pay off, especially for your senior year, keep your grades up. Stay true to yourself and what you have to do. He also adds, “For anything that could be going on you should definitely keep working at it. Don’t let anything that comes your way stop you.”  

We would like to thank Adair Artis for everything he has brought to Concord whether this is being a great role model to others, helping people get on the right path, or just being the fun-loving person he is. We wish you the best of luck in college!