Senior Spotlight: Hadley Kettwich


Alonzo Hopkins, Staff Writer

Who is Hadley Kettwich? Hadley is a senior at Concord who’s been here since kindergarten. She has grown into an outgoing and hard-working leader who has worked to help better our school and help the student body. We are glad to have her as our Senior Spotlight.

Hadley was asked about what she’s learned over time here at Concord High School, and she replied, “I think in four years I have helped build our school more because I planned things for our grades and played sports.”  Hadley is in many sports ranging from volleyball to basketball, but she doesn’t really have a favorite sport; instead, she likes any sport that is in season. She helps her fellow teammates when they are down as well as helps the team win. Her efforts can be seen both on and off the court.

Kathy Lehman, the varsity volleyball coach, shares that “Hadley was our team leader who gave 110% in every practice and in every match.  I could always count on her enthusiasm, leadership, and constant drive to improve.  I am truly going to miss her next season – but excited to hear all that she is going to accomplish in her future!” 

Hadley goes above and beyond for the school. As part of the student council, she has been helping and even planning fun events for the students to do. She has a leader-like quality to her that helps in organizing school activities as well as planning her future life. Mr. Couling, Hadley’s art teacher, gives gratitude to Hadley for her work in student council. “I believe Hadley has been a key part of organizing a lot of the events that [the senior class and student council] have done. I’m really pleased with some things that are coming up in the near future. I think she has a key role in the senior class and the assemblies. Again she’s a very responsible person; you can always count on her. Because she is aware of student needs, she tries to take that into consideration when she’s making decisions for the student council; based on the student body to better the student body. She tries to take everybody’s perspective and tries to make sure it’s something fun and exciting for everyone.”  Many CHS students who have participated in the events that Kettwich has helped organized would agree.  She has made a positive impact in so many ways. 

Hadley is loved by many of her friends here at CHS for the kindness that she shows to others.  Senior Kayla Miller feels that “Hadley is an amazing outgoing person who loves to always explore and try new things. She was one of my first friends at Concord, and we have stayed close ever since. One of my favorite memories with Hadley was when we went tubing at her cabin, and she’s flying around having the time of her life while I’m sitting next to her crying and screaming, while she tries to comfort me. She loves the outdoors and to snowboard, and I know she’ll do something great with the talent and passion she has!”

Another senior Karlee Gamet explains why Hadley is so approachable:  “In school, we had a lot of fun playing volleyball together. Out of school, we would hang out and go get some food.” Hadley is laid back and up for anything. Gamet continues that “Hadley likes snowboarding so we would talk about snowboarding… [she also] likes to meet new people and hang out with friends.”

As a whole, Hadley Kettwich has shined bright through her acts of leadership in sports as well as being an amazing friend to all her classmates. She’s an awesome individual with incredible dreams of traveling the world. We wish Hadley the best in all her future endeavors as she heads to Western Michigan University in the fall to major in public relations.