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Senior Mock Interviews

Julia Stevens
Gwendolyn Bulko taking her mock interview

The seniors are on the verge of graduating and challenging decisions about their future are approaching quickly. The seniors were given mock interviews to help prepare them for the future. These interviews are to test the capabilities of the seniors and help them better their interviewing skills.

Kent Fiero was one of the mock interviewers and has had plenty of experience in real-life situations. During the interview, Fiero was looking for “two key items, the first one being strong communication, the ability to carry a conversation and talk about themselves without arrogance, and the second being confidence, those who can walk into an interview with confidence mostly stand above the rest.” 

Although many of the seniors he interviewed did well, one recurring issue he noticed was that, “It was common for the candidates to jump right into a response sometimes before the question was even completed.” 

One of the seniors who was interviewed is Gwendolyn Bulko. After being asked how the interview went she responds, “It honestly went wonderful as I was expecting a harsh guideline but was met with a more relaxed and comfortable experience while maintaining its professionalism.” Before the interview, Bulko explains, “I was kinda worried and nervous just because I didn’t know what to expect and what the bounds of it were, I also felt somewhat unprepared, but thankfully I had a really positive experience.” During the interview, Bulko noticed, “The girl that interviewed me curated the questions towards my interests, which was really nice.”

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Another student who participated in the mock interviews is Riley Adams. Adams explains the interview was “really good, I learned a lot about how a real interview would be and some tips and pointers that could help me in a real interview.” Although the interview went well, she states, “At first the interview went a bit rocky because I didn’t know what to expect, so I wasn’t prepared for everything.” When asked if she was nervous before the interview, Adams explains, “I went into the interview pretty nervous but as it went on the nerves went away, and I did a lot better throughout the interview.”

A sincere thank you to all the adults who helped with the interviews as well as Mrs. Otto who planned all of it. To any adults who are willing to participate in future career days, the help would be greatly appreciated.

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Julia Stevens
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Julia Stevens is a sophomore at Concord High School. It is her second year working on the Concord Chronicle staff. Outside of school, she likes to run for the cross-country team. She is obsessed with reading and taking pictures. In the future, she is hoping to go into the photography industry.

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