Senior Spotlight: Joe Bulko


Joe Bulko reading a book.

Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

Our senior spotlight shines on the astonishing Joe Bulko. He is arguably the classiest man in Concord High School whether we are talking about personality or just daily fashion choices. Joe is a senior here at Concord High school. He runs indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country Joe will be attending Michigan State University to study environmental engineering.  

Joe can often be found skating, drawing, watching stand-up comedy or running. Joe said, “After high school, I hope to graduate from MSU without a ton of student loans, land a job with an international company like the United Nations, and try to help fight climate change and more.”  

Some of Joe’s achievements in high school are being a two-time all-state runner in Cross Country and being second in his graduating class. During his freshman year, he hit a buzzer-beater shot in a JV basketball home game before halftime, and most importantly, he is proud of all the good friends he’s made. Joe says after high school that  “[he] hopes to make the world a better/more liveable place, meet a lot of good people, and live a long life.”

Joe’s peers love him. They believe that Joe is a very unique person. Jonathan Mikovits said that “Joe is my best friend. He is a very passionate person with high integrity and character. Joe is highly intelligent and well thought out.” Jon also told us Joe is always down for a good laugh. John says he remembers when Joe shamelessly busted out some sick moves in Spanish, which made him laugh. 

Tyler Carpenter said, “Joe is very smart, kind, humorous, and considerate.” Tyler shares that Joe is there whenever you need him and always ready to help. Tyler also told us that he remembers one day they had to take a video for Spanish class, and Joe dressed as an Indian with no shirt. Tyler thought that was hilarious and brave at the same time; he told us Joe has no fears.

Not only do the students adore Joe at Concord High School, but the staff members love Joe, too. Track coach Mike Jurasek said, ”Joe is a hard worker. He has a great attitude, and he is a team leader. Joe is a true Renaissance Man.”

We would like to thank Joe for letting us dive into his life a little and for always being the smart, artistic, and classy individual that he is. We wish him the best of luck at Michigan State University and further on in life.