Easter Traditions


Connor Haire, Staff Writer


Easter has been celebrated for around 2,000 years, and in that time, many unique traditions have come to light since then. Typically, families paint and hide eggs for the children to find, have dinner, and spend quality time with everyone. Although many people follow the same traditions as others, some incorporate their own unique traditions. 

Mrs. Fiero, our biology teacher here at Concord High School, has shared some of her traditions during Easter, as well as some photos. When asked if there was anything unique that she and her daughter did on Easter, she said “Every Easter my daughter and I create paper mache Easter baskets instead of buying a store-bought one. I have been doing this since I was a kid with my dad. It’s messy, and we can create and shape the basket however we want.” She further explained how they create these paper mache baskets by using a balloon and mixing bowls to make the mold. 

When I asked what she and her daughter like to do for Easter with family, she responded, “We do not like to spend Easter alone. After church, we always get with the family of some sort to do an Easter egg hunt. My siblings and I are very competitive with these so my family still sets one up for us as adults. The kids usually spend a lot of time outside playing, if the weather cooperates.”

For some people, Easter is a great day to sleep in since it is on a Sunday. However, for some, that’s not always the case. Junior Hannah Jordon explained that she and her family get up early in the morning to go to service at dawn on Easter. “We usually go to the early service and then have dinner with my family later on in the day.” I then asked her what her favorite Easter food is, and with no hesitation, she responded with, “Chocolate.” Can’t go wrong with that.

Stay safe, stay warm, and have a wonderful Easter!