Senior spotlight: Tyler Carpenter

“Great teammate, works very hard, does the right thing on and off the field” Mr.Clark


Alonzo Hopkins, Staff Writer

Who is Tyler Carpenter? Tyler Carpenter is a senior student at Concord High School who’s into sports and enjoys playing video games, as well as being a friendly guy. Since moving here from 6th grade, he has shown a lot of growth. That’s why it’s a pleasure to have him in the senior spotlight.

Tyler explains, “I first came to Concord in 6th grade. I’ve moved from Western Elementary School. It was kind of a big change because Western Elementary is a lot bigger than Concord is.”

What sports has Tyler done? Well, Tyler has done a multitude of different sports from track to football. He’s even won multiple awards, being MVP, all-conference academics,  all-conference athletes, and many more. He’s a great player in the game and out of the game. He’s also a team player where it counts as well as being a very positive person.

Senior Omarion Culliver, a friend of Tyler, tells us a brief time of Tyler’s athletic career. “Tyler, he plays it all, track, baseball, basketball, football he’s an athletic machine. As long as I knew Tyler he hasn’t quit anything, like any sports or anything, Tyler has won two athletic awards for football first-team offense football.”

Tyler has also opened up more as a person in his time living in Concord. He has gained many friends over the years from early on when he first joined Concord to his senior year of high school. He’s become more of a leader in many ways with a hard-working personality with that.

Issac Waldron, another friend of Tyler, gives “He went from being not so much a shy person but somebody who doesn’t like to interact with a whole bunch of people, to putting himself out there doing all the sports, talking to more people, he’s just a very likable person.”

As a whole, Tyler Carpenter has grown and done so much in his time in Concord. He’s won awards and has made multiple friends over the years as well as just being a friendly person. He’s a hard worker who has a very kind/positive personality that can be very infectious.

Mr. Jurasek gives praise to Tyler. “Tyler is a total team player, always positive. He has become more of a leader, his positive attitude is infectious, and sometimes he can take more credit for what he does and how he does it. He is a very positive and hardworking person.”