Snowcoming Court

Caylin Bell, Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

Since Snowcoming has arrived, it’s time to introduce our Snowcoming court and the winning King and Queen of 2022.

The freshman representatives are Alex Smith and Jenell Alvarez, the sophomores are Aidan Grandy and Maria Stevens, and following that the juniors are Mason Smith and Shianne Alejandro. The senior king and queen candidates are Alex Grundeman and Kayla Miller, Omarion Culliver and Karlee Gamet, Cole Gannon and Maddy Connelly, Graeley Sprague and Hadley Kettwich, and Nolan Korman and Lauren Gray. 


Introducing the Snowcoming King and Queen, Omarion Culliver and Lauren Gray:

Gray is super pleased that she was crowned Snowcoming queen. Although, she did not care if she was crowned queen or not she was just excited to share that moment with her friends who were also on court.  “I wish we could have all been crowned the queen because everyone on the court deserved it, ” says Gray. Lauren put in her bio that she enjoys hiking and playing the piano and is planning on attending Michigan Tech University to study Environmental Engineering.  


The Snowcoming King Omarion Culliver says that “the moment didn’t feel real, I was nervous, and I felt tons of excitement.” Culliver wants to attend Central Michigan University for Videography. He enjoys gaming and annoying his friends.

 This year’s Snow coming court is a wonderful group of young adults who deserve to be recognized.