Film studies class


Rylee Sinden

Mrs. O’s Film studies class watching their first movie, Toy Story.

Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

How fun would it be to be in a class where students get to watch movies? In Mrs. O’s film studies class, students get to watch films and then analyze them and figure out what the writer meant. This is an interesting class for students to comprehend and break apart the process of creating a movie. 

Creating a class takes significant time and motivation. Mrs. O describes her inspiration for making this class. “I have seen other teachers who taught the class as an elective, and I thought it would be a fun and unique class to offer. Plus, I love film, and I know there are a lot of students who are interested too!”  She describes this class as “the basic components of film and film analysis. This includes script and story basics, film history, shot composition, music/sound, etc… You also get to write your own original screenplay!

Senior Lauren Gray describes the work in this class: “We have different units on different genres and then we watch movies in those genres.”  Gray adds that she liked this class because “[she] got to learn more about how films are made so {she could] appreciate them more.”  Film Studies is a really unique class. Gray took this class during first semester and really enjoyed it. She explains that this class is unique because they get the opportunity to watch movies and learn what goes into making one. Lauren isn’t the only student who enjoys this course. 

It can sometimes be dreadful making decisions about career choices. Taking classes in high school about topics that are interesting to you is one way to explore interests and passions. Mrs. O says this class is good for students who want to have a future career in any entertainment industry, communications, journalism, marketing, etc. The options are endless. 

Evidently, watching movies is part of this class. But the question is, what movies? Mrs. O chooses the movies by herself. “I pick movies that work with the content in each unit… I also try to have a mix of genres and time periods so that students don’t get bored and get to watch a variety of types of films.” The genres vary so it keeps the class fun and interesting. 

All student have to choose classes at the beginning of every year, and Film Studies is an elective option, Mrs. O explains. “Students should take this class if they are interested in film, analyzing film, and would like to create their own screenplay… If you are interested in movies and understanding the makings of a film – this class is for you!

Nolan Mattson decided to take this class during the second semester. He says, “It’s seemed interesting because you get to see the different aspects of film and how it affects our world.” That’s why he chose to enroll in this unique class. 

Rylee Sinden

Right now, Mrs. O’s film studies class is hard at work. Mattson explains what they are currently working on:”We are about to start watching our first film. We’ve learned how to identify different tones and genres and how plot is set up and how different films are created.”

Many students chose this class and don’t regret it. Lauren Gray adds, “Mrs. O is a great teacher.” This class is an awesome and creative way for students to learn about films.