Power and perseverance lead to a senior win

PowerPuff is back


Connor Haire, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday night the lights went on for the 2021 PowerPuff game, an all around fun event for the high school students to battle it out between one another, while also benefiting the senior fundraiser. 

Senior Hadley Kettwich arranged the 2021 Concord PowerPuff game as a fun event for our school community to enjoy, along with earning money for the senior class fundraiser. Money was raised through the 50/50 raffle tickets to win a cash prize, where half of the money went towards the fundraiser. Concessions were opened with 50% of the proceeds also benefiting the senior class fund. 

During the first games, the Freshman vs. the Juniors battled it out. Freshman Iyla Weeks achieved two touchdowns and an interception against the juniors. Junior Shianne Alejandro pulled up to score for the junior team, and Brianna Crosby made an interception. The end of the game resulted in the freshmen beating the juniors, 14-7. 

As for the Seniors vs. Sophomores, the seniors pulled off the win after senior Karlee Gamet ran the lone touchdown, with a score of 7-0. 

During the championship game the seniors score first after Karlee Gamet ran her second touchdown of the night after a phenomenal first down run by Rylee Weeks. The freshmen tie it up, sending Iyla Weeks deep into the end zone. On the next play, Gamet answers with a 40 yard touchdown. Senior Jamiya Rogers scores on a two yard toss. Iyla Weeks ran one in but the unstoppable seniors take the win, 18-12.

 Maya McCorkle scores for the sophomores, followed by an interception made by Maria Stevens. Junior Layla Hellard made an interception as well, but the sophomores pulled ahead and beat the Juniors 7-0.

Senior Karlee Gamet spoke with us about the PowerPuff game, and she states that “We haven’t done PowerPuff in a few years, so it was a lot of fun to have this event come back.” When asked if she had a fun time, she exclaimed with excitement, “Heck yeah! It turned out really good and I had a lot of fun!” 

Sophomore Savanna Payne had never played in a PowerPuff game before, so she stated that “It was a good first experience. It was fun, and also pretty competitive. Having the girls go against the boys into a team was a unique perspective.”

Kettwich brought back a fan favorite tradition that we look forward to having at Concord for a long time.