ATTENTION SENIORS: yearbook and photos

Turn in senior and baby photos


Senior Connor Keefer has already sent in his baby photo.

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

Seniors, it’s time to turn in senior portraits and baby photos. Having a senior picture turned in is not only for the yearbook, but also so it can be put on a slideshow presented during graduation. When it comes to baby photos, they will be put in the yearbook to show the growth of then to now. It’s essential to get these turned in to honor each senior’s hard work. 

Mr. Brian Couling takes the photos and puts them into the slideshow and gives them to the yearbook team. Couling explains that, “It’s very important that the seniors turn in their baby and senior photos by April 15th, so we have time to get them in the Senior Slideshow and the yearbook.  The slideshow is a highlight at graduation, and we don’t want to miss anyone.”  

Seniors are also encouraged to submit a quote that will be put in the yearbook. The quote is their choice; it can be a quote that got them through high school or perhaps song lyrics from their favorite song. A senior quote is another way seniors can express how they want to be remembered. Senior student Stephenie Roebuck voiced that, “It is important to have a senior quote so that it shows others who you are and so you can inspire others.” An example of a quote Roebuck provided is, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone,”- Ronald Reagan. 

Senior Savanna Gamet explains, “It is important to have seniors come up with their own quote to submit because it shows individuality and gives seniors a creative outlet to express who they are or their experiences in a fun way.” 

So seniors, make sure to turn senior and baby photos in to Mr.Couling by April 15th and make sure to fill out the Google form for the senior quotes. 

Yearbooks are $33.64 , so be sure to purchase a yearbook before June 21st.    Use this QR code (1) to access or click the yearbook hyperlink above.