Better Late Than Never…


Masen Smith, Marcello Bommarito, and Lewis Fritz practicing the skill of art with small details.

Riley Adams, Staff Writer

Check your calendar, Concord High School students; the end of the semester is quickly approaching. If you need to catch up, you still have time to complete any missing or redone assignments. If you’re concerned about what you might be missing, go to PowerSchool and make a list of your most essential assignments to complete before the end of the semester.

Here at Concord High School, we have a variety of resources to help you understand what you can do to improve your grade and assist you with your assignments. To begin, your teachers are a valuable resource for improving your grades. Ashton Easterwood explains that “a good opportunity to go to your teachers and ask for help is when there is downtime in your class where the teacher isn’t teaching a student.” You might approach them and ask when a good time would be to go over my grade. Your teacher will assist you in developing a game plan to improve your grade. “Don’t attempt to squeeze your teacher into your schedule; instead, let them fit you into their available time,” Easterwood continues. 

Another way to contact your teacher is through email. Most teachers will respond the same day, but if they don’t, give them 24 hours to respond before approaching them in person and asking them to respond or sending them another email. 

Finally, Flex Wednesdays are excellent tools for students. There is one more Flex Wednesday before the semester ends, so if you have any missing assignments, use this upcoming Wednesday to turn them in. These are some of the resources available for students at Concord High School.

While there are many resources available for students, there are also many strategies that could also help you raise your grades and complete assignments. First, utilize PowerSchool to check all of the assignments you may have missed and still need to complete. With all of the information on PowerSchool, you might create a to-do list of what you need to complete and which assignments are worth the most points to raise your grade.

While many students are preparing for the semester’s end in various ways, Brian Helms shares what he’s doing to keep his grades up. “I check PowerSchool on a frequent basis and ask the teachers if I have any missing or late assignments,” Helms says. “If they answer no, I can relax and complete any future assignments that are due soon.  When you complete your final semester assignments, you will feel less pressured and will be able to relax until the next quarter. If you wait until the last minute to complete tasks, you will be anxious until the last day of the semester trying to complete your work.”

Another option is to look for help from a friend in the same class as you. Only ask your friend for help if you know they have completed all of their work for the semester. If they haven’t, they may be just as stressed as you are about getting their assignments done on time. If they are completely caught up, they can help you with any work and urge you to complete it by the end of the semester. When the end of the semester approaches, your strongest support systems are your teachers, friends, and school counselors.

Many students have regrets about not staying on top of their grades throughout high school. Having good grades and a high GPA can help you in a variety of ways, including increasing your chances of admission to college, obtaining scholarships, and showing your abilities to be responsible to others. Brianna Crosby a student here shares, “I had two F’s my freshman, sophomore, and junior year.” “When Senior year began, I started working on my work and now I have all A’s and B’s. However since I struggled with keeping my grades up those couple of years, it still has an impact on me throughout my final year. My grade point average, which is required for college admission, was significantly lower due to not having the best academic performance in the beginning of high school. Not only did it affect my GPA, but it also required me to retake the class I had failed. These classes, on top of my other classes, can be challenging at times because you have double the work to keep up with.” 

Brian Helms adds, “You know you have to get your grades up and realize school is more important than other things; you have to turn in the work and get your grades up.”

You may be having difficulty in school right now, but there is still time to complete your homework and improve your grades. Check PowerSchool, prepare a list of missing assignments, and then go to your teachers and ask them which assignments will help you improve your grades in that subject the most. While time is running out, you have various resources at Concord High School to assist you to get the grades you need.