Two victories, one night


Riley Adams

Boy’s varsity in huddle

Riley Adams, Staff Writer

The fourth game of this season was played on Tuesday night between the Concord boys’ basketball teams and Britton Deerfield. The boys fought together as a team and achieved two victories in JV and Varsity.  JV won 48-42, and the Varsity won 59-54. With 21 points, Isaac Waldron led the Varsity team in scoring. Mekhi Wingfield was close behind with 12 points.  Jett Smith scored 9 points, followed by Anthony Evans and Connor Stevens, who both scored 6, Carter Arbuckle chipped in 3, and Gavin Riske contributed 2. 

Mekhi Wingfield, who is an important member of the varsity team, said after the game, “We got in the lanes and the shooters were making their shots. It may have been a slow start, but as we started to make our shots, the game changed drastically. Rebounding and boxing out more could help us get better for the upcoming game.”

After the game, JV player Tyreke Brown reflects on the game. Tyreke was questioned on the lessons he took away from the first two games to help him perform better in this game. According to Brown, “We boxed out more, which led to us getting more rebounds, and we learned to work as a team more. We’ll continue to put in the effort to get better with each game.”

Connor Stevens and Jett Smith are both freshmen playing on varsity. According to Stevens and Smith, becoming a freshman on the varsity team is a significant accomplishment. Smith explains it feels good being a freshman on varsity: “I enjoy the game of basketball in general in addition to playing it at a high level.”

Connor Stevens adds that playing with the older guys as a freshman on varsity gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself.  In the long run, playing against older guys will also help you get better.”  

Who on the team do you look up to, Stevens and Smith were asked? Isaac Waldron and Anthony Evans are highlighted by Jett, who quotes, “They’re seniors and understand the game, which helps the team flow better on both defense and offense.” 

“Isaac Waldron and Anthony Evans are important teammates,” Stevens continues. “They provide direction for the team and serve as a role model for us both on and off the court.”

 If you would like to come support these hard-working guys at a home game the next one is on January 5th against Homer. The start time is 5:30 for JV and Varsity right after at 7:00.