Concord elects Homecoming king and queen

The tradition carries on.


King and Queen

Rylee Sinden, Staff Writer

A timeless tradition carried on for many years makes another appearance this year: the crowning of homecoming king and queen. No matter if you are on court, a class representative, or even just a high school student, many memories are made throughout the night. 

The night started out with the king candidates lined up to see who was chosen to be Homecoming King. Last year’s king, Calvin Allen,  stood behind the candidates, holding the sash. Anticipation built, as Allen waved the sash over each head. He stopped and placed the sash over Isaac Waldron’s head. The crowd clapped, and everyone was so excited for him. 

King Issac Waldron explains his experience: “It was a very interesting experience. It wasn’t getting chosen that was fun for me, it was the experience leading up to it and being able to enjoy it with my friends,” Waldron says. “…I had no clue that I was going to be chosen due to everyone being deserving of this honor and everyone having their own unique personalities. Not one person was more deserving then others. One thing I thought was neat was I had people I have never met before come up to me and say congratulations even though I have never met them,” Waldron explains. 

Next up were the queen candidates. Former queen, Tashanti Stevens waved the sash over each candidate’s head as the anticipation between the girls built up. Stevens stopped and placed the sash over Linda Hernandez’s head. All the candidates cheered and hugged. 

Queen Linda Hernandez expresses her excitement: “I wasn’t expecting it at all for sure, but it felt nice knowing how many supporters were rooting for me. All the candidates deserved it just as much if not more than me so I’m super grateful for all the support I had. I may have won, but I won it for everyone who supported me and who may be too shy to have done it themselves. It was a fun night even if it was cold. I was able to connect to people that I’ve never really had a conversation with before and some people would have conversations with me about my future and how I wanted to move to Texas so just being able to talk to people about something I like made me feel heard and special.”

Congratulations to Isaac Waldron and Linda Hernandez on being chosen as king and queen! We wish you the best of luck!