Snowcoming 2022 Pep Assembly


Junior Adair Artis- winner of hula hoop contest

Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

Last week CHS student council members welcomed the return of snowcoming week, Feb 7-11. This week is always full of school spirit with dress-up days, lunchtime games, and banner building. To end this week we had a pep assembly to pump up our students with school spirit and send the boys basketball team into their game with support.  

To begin this year’s assembly we called out each member of the court, and they walked out to a song of their choice. Seniors were creative this year and got a few laughs out of the student body with their chosen songs.

This year’s Snowcoming pep assembly was held in the gym. Starting off the games with a classic: the hula hoop contest. Sophomores and juniors went head to head on this one, with the juniors pulling through to take the win, thanks to hula hooper Adair Artis. While that was taking place, there was a relay going on. In this relay, participants had to put their head on a bat and spin around 10 times, cartwheel down the length of the court. Once they got to the end, there were sleeping bags for them to inchworm down the half-court. They then had to put a jersey on and make a basket with a basketball. Sophomores made up for the loss of the first game and won this relay. 

Sophomores Austin Bradley and TJ Allen celebrating their win in the pizza-eating contest

The pizza-eating contest was next. Many people have mixed emotions about this one, but we got through it without anyone throwing up. Essentially, two people from each grade have to finish an entire pizza. First to finish wins, and no surprise, the competitive sophomores finished first. Juniors coming in 2nd, and freshman 3rd, leaving the seniors last.

Sophomore and Juniors going head-to-head in Tug-O-War

Now for the fan-favorite: Tug-o-War!  Ten students from each grade were put to the test to see which ten are the strongest together. Seniors and sophomores struggled to pull out a win, but eventually, sophomores came out on top. Is there any game that the sophomore didn’t win? Well actually yes, the sheet race. This race consisted of five people from each grade, where one is in a sheet and four are dragging that person. There were cones set all around the gym. The rules were to weave through the cones and then run one lap around the gym. Seniors won with a time of 26 seconds.

The last game was Gladiator: the student body’s favorite game. Gladiator is simply throwing balls at people and trying to get them out, which explains the popularity of this game. Freshmen and seniors ran first, juniors and sophomores throwing. The freshman won this round, then sophomores and juniors ran, seniors and freshman threw. Sophomores won this round, leaving freshmen and sophomores to run. Once again sophomores won and freshmen got second in this game.

Seniors yelling to the top of their lungs during the battle cry

Now it’s time for the Battle Cry. The cheerleaders lead each class in their battle cry. Freshman going first, then sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Three staff members were the judges of each battle. The seniors and sophomores had to go two rounds to determine the winner, but after much yelling and stomping, the judges chose seniors with the loudest battle cry.

We hope all students had a fun time participating in games and cheering on their class. We would like to thank Jur for emceeing the pep assembly and bringing laughter to all of the student body and staff. A generous thanks to the student council members for making this week possible and putting in so much work to make this week so much fun. Future pep assemblies have a lot of work to do if they want to one-up this one.