Homecoming court

Homecoming comes and goes once a year. Countless generations of Concord graduates have had the honor to don tuxedos and dresses, walk across the football field, and represent their class. It’s a tradition that will stay alive for years to come. 

Homecoming is starting off with fresh faces with the freshman representatives Tylend Allen and Macy Sinden. Allen is excited but is more proud that the freshman class chose him to represent the class, “I am proud of the title and thrilled that my class chose me for the position.” Allen is the son of Toccara and Chris Gaddis of Albion. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with the fam, taking Instagram pictures with Khaleah, going to the mall with his mom, and most of all being faster than Calvin and TJ. Sinden is the daughter of Steven and Brianne Sinden of Concord. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, hanging out with her friends, hunting, and working at her family’s donut truck. 

The sophomore representatives are Jordan Medellin and Hannah Stimer, Medellin is thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the sophomore class. He says, “I am very excited for the opportunity and proud to represent the sophomore class.” Medellin is the son of Aaron and Heather Mehl of Albion. In his spare time, Medellin enjoys hanging out with friends. Stimer is the daughter of Bart and Kiersten Stimer of Concord. Outside of school, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing basketball, being outside, and working with her horses.

The Junior class is represented by Carter Arbuckle and Rylee Sinden. Sinden is delighted to have been chosen to represent the Junior class and shares, “I am so excited to get the chance to not only be the junior class representative but to be on court with someone I have known my whole life.”  Sinden and Arbuckle’s families are close friends, so the juniors have grown up together. Arbuckle is the son of Mike and Amanda Arbuckle of Concord. Outside of school he enjoys raising show pigs and cattle, hunting, fishing, and golfing. Sinden is the daughter of Brianne and Steven of Concord. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, spending time outside, shopping, and hanging out with her friends and family.

Last but certainly not least, the Senior class representatives begin with Lewis Fritz and Shianne Alejandro, Fritz is the son of Becky and Andy Fritz of Concord. Outside of school, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing basketball, and practicing in the baseball cages at the park. Fritz explains that “[he is very excited to be on court [because he]never really expected to be on one of the ballots, especially because of how many other people were wanting to get on it.” Alejandro is the daughter of Amberly Luttenton. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, drawing, and going shopping.

Two additional representatives are Adair Artis and Linda Hernandez. Artis is the son of Destiny Davis and Adair Artis of Albion. Artis enjoys drawing and running track. Hernandez is the daughter of Rosalinda and Roberto Hernandez originally of San Ignacio, Cerro Gordo. Outside of school, she enjoys painting, drawing, skateboarding, baking, hanging out with her family, traveling to Mexico, dancing, and trying new foods. 

Isaac Waldron and Samantha Kessman also have been chosen as candidates. Waldron is the son of Todd and Becky Waldron of Horton. A three-sport athlete, he enjoys playing golf and hanging out with friends. Kessman, a member of our Varsity volleyball team, is the daughter of Brian and Tracy Kessman of Concord. In her free time, she enjoys reading and going to Target. 


Seniors Connor Keefer and Autumn Cornell are two additional representatives. Keefer is the son of Tracy Martin of Concord. Outside of school he enjoys playing volleyball. Cornell is the daughter of Lorie and Richard Cornell of Concord. In her spare time, she enjoys taking naps, thrifting, watching hockey, and pushing her parents’ patience. Cornell is “excited and proud to represent the senior class.” 

And lastly, Masen Smith and Layla Hellard represent the senior class on court.  Smith is the son of Sarah Clark and Temorey Smith of Albion. Outside of school he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing video games. Hellard is the daughter of Jennifer Pilkington-Clark and Gene Clark of Concord. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, serving ice cream to the Concord community, and spending quality moments with her new sister Luce Macchiavelli.  

We are proud of all our candidates and hope each of you realize what an honor it is to represent the classes of Concord High School. Congratulations to our entire Homecoming court.