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Our amazing community member, Mr. Chriss Adams

Rylee Sinden
Adams outside of the school.

We have many amazing community members in Concord, but one stands out above most. Mr. Chriss Adams has donated countless hours to our community, which is why we are honored to shine our spotlight on him. 

Adams has a deep connection with Concord. “I’ve lived in Concord since 2000. I moved out here with my wife Jessica,” he explains. Later, they had two kids: Riley who is a senior this year, and Gavin who graduated in 2021. 

With different skills, Adams can do just about anything. He explains, “My wife calls me a swift army knife kind of person. I do the PA announcements. I also own a DJ business, Insight DJ Services. I’m actually an ordained minister so I can perform weddings and DJ them. I was also in a band called Squirrels with Chainsaws, where I played the keyboard and did rap/rock kind of stuff.” 

Mr. Adams didn’t graduate from Concord but still has a history with the town. “I went to East Jackson High School and graduated in ‘95,” he explains. In high school, he had various hobbies and interests. “My favorite sport back in the day was basketball. I played basketball and baseball in high school. I loved to play music, DJ, and other things like that,” he shares.

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Speaking of high school, Adams has changed significantly as a person since then. He shares: “In high school, I was very self-focused. It was always about me. For me now, I think of the bigger picture. Community support is really big with me both at my job and activities outside of work. Just making where I live a better place for not only my kids but for other kids and other families. That is really huge for me. I do what I do just to make Concord a better place. My teenage self was more focused on what I can get,” he explains. 

He is very hard-working, which has made him so successful throughout his life. He shares his career success: “I’ve been a manager most of my career. I run the Tractor Supply Company store on Airport Road.”

Mr. Adams walking out with his daughter Riley and wife Jess on Senior night. (Julia Stevens)

Our athletic director, Mr. Lehman has worked alongside Mr. Adams for a long time. He shares that, “While he oftentimes lacks humor and is tone-deaf with regard to his music selection, Chriss bleeds purple & gold. His extensive athletic career as a member of the East Jackson Trojans was record-breaking. Chriss became the first East Jackson Trojan to participate 4 years on the JV team in each of his 3 seasons as a member of the football, basketball, and baseball teams. Because he’s humble, he doesn’t share these amazing athletic accomplishments.  Towards the end of his senior year, Chriss transferred to Will Carleton Alternative Academy when he graduated Salutatorian in his class of three students…Class of 1970,” he jokes. “But seriously, Chriss is a valuable member of the extended athletic staff as the “Voice of Concord Football and Basketball.” 

Family and friends are very important to him. He describes his perfect day, which involves both his friends and family. “Sleeping in until nine o’clock. Just being able to enjoy the day with family and friends. I like to eat. My wife and I go out to dinner a lot, so we’d definitely get some food. If it’s Friday, I would be in the booth, at football games or basketball games,” Adams shares. Again, his family is valuable to him. “My family is what I am most proud of. Just watching them grow into the adults that they are becoming. My wife and I have been married for 20 years. So, all of that encompassed is what I’m most proud of.”

His daughter, Riley Adams explains that he is the most loving and caring person you’ll ever meet. “My dad is one of the most fascinating individuals you’ll ever meet. To mention a few of the many attributes I admire about him, he is lighthearted, dedicated, and friendly. He would do anything at any moment for anyone. Since I was young, my dad has been one of my strongest supports, whether it was athletically or academically. He’s always cracking jokes with people and making jokes about Jur and Mr. Lehman, she shares.  “He makes friends with many Concord students and is someone everyone likes being around. He also appreciates giving back to the community and the school. He announces every football and basketball game and makes amusing nicknames for some of the players, such as Chuckwagon for Ashton Easterwood. I’m not sure what the story behind the nickname is, but whatever it is, it had to be entertaining. He contributes food and other items to the animal shelter and does everything he can to help those in need. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend or role model.”

Mr. Adams shares that he wants to travel more and go to places that relate to his and his wife’s ancestry. “I want to visit Ireland. That is where a lot of my family is from. So, I would like to retrace their footsteps. I would also like to travel to Germany because that is where a majority of my wife’s family is from and I have some ancestors from Germany as well,” Adams explains. 

Everyone has a favorite movie, and Adams’ is Step Brothers, starring Will Farrell and John C. Reilly. “I have seen it probably a hundred times,” he shares. 

As our go-to DJ for CHS events, he has a wide variety of music on his playlist. He shares more on his music tastes: “My favorite band is Pearl Jam, and ‘Black’ is my favorite song. It is kind of an alternative grunge band from the ‘90s. I have been listening to a lot of Rod Wave, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kodak Black,” Adams explains.  Some things that typically aren’t on others’ playlists my age. A lot of people my age do a lot of classic rock and ‘90s music. I am big into ‘90s music, which is pretty much when I grew up.” 

Adams with his two kids.
Courtesy of Jess Adams.

As a member of our school board, Adams has spent many hours to better our school. He shares his experience on the school board and what he is passionate about for our school. “I think that being on the school board we all have a close relationship and want to see things get better at the school, particularly this year. Another thing I am passionate about is school spirit. My goal is to instill school spirit back into our school. I’m always reflecting and thinking about what can I do to make this situation have more hype. I want our fans to be loud; I want our student body to be loud. I want to start at the elementary level and bring them into the fold. This school spirit will help our athletics too. School spirit is definitely important to me because it makes it more fun to be here and more exciting to be at the games,” Adams explains. 

He will definitely leave a legacy here at Concord. He shares that he wants to be remembered “as somebody who cared about the place that they live. I would like to be remembered as a dad who was involved. Somebody that wanted to contribute.”  The main influence in his life is his mom. “Another reason I get involved is because of the example my Mom set. She was always a constant presence, donating her time, and was also a former PTO president.”

We want to thank Mr. Adams for all that he does for our school and community. On behalf of Concord Schools, thank you, Mr. Adams!

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