• Quarter four has officially begun, don't get behind at the start.
  • TESTING WEEK! Keep a positive attitude and try your best! You've got this!
  • Today is Eclipse Day! Protect your eyes with eclipse glasses.
  • Good luck to all our track athletes today!
  • Boys JV baseball plays Bronson on Monday.
  • Varsity Baseball and Softball will play at home on Tuesday vs. Bronson. Golf will be at the Quincy Jamboree, and then in Hillsdale on Wednesday.
  • Thursday baseball and softball take on Columbia Central at home.
  • Saturday will be a round robin tourney at CHS for both baseball and softball!
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Concords boys and girls track team warming up before the meet
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The Juniors posing in front of JCC
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It is not too late!

Here are some tips to try and complete all your missing work by the end of the semester.
Emily Blackmer
Danni Fritz and Izzy Lagow working on their schoolwork.

Concord schools has moved the end of the semester to Tuesday, January 23rd due to the previous snow days. This gives many students a chance to have extra time to complete assignments and exams. Though it might begin to become stressful, there are some ways to work through it if students work hard.

At this point in the quarter, the biggest difference between an A and an F is completing missing work. Most of the time, the completion of work can change your grade. Though, if you have fallen drastically behind, this may be difficult for some students, but there are ways to get through it.

The CHS counselor, Mrs. Otto shares some tips about what she would recommend to be done to catch up.

  • Create a list of what is missing
  • Do the assignments that are worth the most points first. 
  • Cross assignments off the list as you complete them
  • As you catch up on your missing assignments, email your teachers to let them know what assignments you have turned in
  • Be at school each day
  • Consider staying home instead of going out and working to complete missing assignments
  • Eat healthy 
  • Get quality rest

Mrs. Otto shares that when completing these assignments the best thing to do is utilize your past resources. Using your past notes, rewatching video lessons, talking with your teacher, working during seminars, and asking peers for help are all ways this can be achieved.

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Not only using resources while doing assignments work but having positive self-talk does too. Mrs. Otto says, “It is ok to recognize that an assignment is hard, but it is more important that you are focusing on the fact that you have done other tough assignments and have made it through, you can do this too.” 

A lot of students might not fully understand why they need to keep their grades up or what the grades will help them with in the future. Not only does each assignment give you knowledge, but within each assignment you are learning skills you will need to use. Mrs. Otto explains that these areas are: work ethic, time management, prioritizing responsibilities of our wants and needs, personal responsibility, self-advocacy, resourcefulness, and a system of organization. We are learning these skills within each assignment and class we complete, which can help with a job or even everyday life. 

The snow days we are having are excellent chances to work through your assignments. Since it is hard to drive on the roads, you most likely are staying home anyway. You can use the time to read a choice reading book, work on assignments online, or even study for exams. Without having the distractions of your peers, getting work done can be easier. 

Some students have been utilizing the long weekend to do just that, Paige Morris is one of them. She shares, “Snow days are a perfect time to complete work that you have because it’s too cold or dangerous to go outside and do anything. You might as well get it done so that you are not bored.” Morris also shares a system that she uses to complete work while she is off. She says, “I give myself incentives to get my work done. For example, I say, ‘I will get a break after I finish 2 chapters in a book’ or whatever I may be working on. That way I am motivated to finish my work and I do not just stare at my computer screen.”

Other students had had an experience with falling behind, but have worked hard to catch back up. Izzabelle Lagow was one of them. She shares, “Freshman year I had no motivation, I did not care at all. But after going to summer school and hearing I wouldn’t graduate on time I made a change and got my stuff in and focused, summer school was a humbling experience for me.” She adds that she is motivated by the fact that she just wants to do better and not always stress over her grades or worry if she will graduate at not. Her last piece of advice is for those who are struggling: “For people who are struggling ask for help from anyone. It’s better to ask for help than struggle and fail.”

As the new semester starts, everyone has the chance to start fresh. Staying on top of things begins when classes begin. So that you do not get stuck in the same hole that you might be in now, here are some tips for next semester. Mrs. Otto says, “Reflect on your academic and social behaviors in and out of the classroom setting. How are these habits impacting your success? Declare your overall goal for the next semester and identify steps and new habits that will help you achieve that goal. Most importantly, when you know what works and what steps are required for change, take action.”

One last thing you can do is visit Mrs. Otto. She shares, “One of my favorite and enjoyable parts of my “job” is to help students identify new plans of action. If you would like help creating a change, sign up for a meeting on the clipboard outside my office.”

Getting on top of your work starts at the beginning, but if you do end up getting behind like almost every other student, the best thing to do is ask for help. Teachers are here to help and they want you to succeed. It’s never too late to get caught up!

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