Senior Spotlight: Mariell Bommarito


Mariell Bommarito’s senior picture.

This week’s spotlight shines a light on an astounding student and overall person in general: Mariell Bommarito. Her friends would describe her as loving, caring, passionate, and emotional. She brings all these positive qualities to Concord High School.  

Mariell has been attending Concord since 1st grade. While everyone has different things they may want to accomplish in their lives, Mariell says, “I want to graduate of course, but I also want to feel accomplished and like I’ve done something in my life.” In her free time, she enjoys going to athletic events and spending time with her family and friends.

 Mariell’s favorite class is art. Mrs. Mattson, a teacher at Concord High School, has something to say about the artwork she does: “Mariell is an outstanding artist, I love seeing her artwork when she completes it. One of my personal favorites was a flower that took her forever to complete, but when she finished it, WOW, it was beautiful!” Mrs. Mattson continues to share that Mariell has a bright future ahead of her. “From her qualities, I know that she will be successful in her personal and professional life. In 10 years, I hope that she is in a career that allows her to use her creativity and dedication. I see her being involved in activities that give back to the community. Most importantly, she will continue to demonstrate kindness to everyone she encounters, especially her friends and family.”

Anthony Evans, who has known Mariell since kindergarten and is also Mariell’s significant other, has many memories with her and would like to share one of his favorites: “Mariell and I went on the zipline together I had pretended that my seatbelt was unbuckled when we were at Craig’s Cruisers for Masen’s birthday two years ago. She was freaking out, but I reassured her that it was just a joke, which makes us laugh even now. While we have great memories together,” Evans continues, “She also helps me a lot. She helped me get through my senior year because before I wasn’t officially a senior and I had to make up some of the credits. She encouraged me to get those credits so I could join the senior class again, and I really appreciate how much she cares about me.”

Masen Smith, has known Mariell since birth and would like to add, “I think her first job would be a bodyguard or a bounty hunter because she is not only very strong, but she is also very caring. The person she is guarding, she’ll care for them and won’t let anything happen to them” 

Anthony and Masen would like to add, “We love her a lot and hope that whatever she does in the future benefits her for the best. We hope she has a bright future and we can’t wait to see her do well.”

Mariell would like to give the underclassmen some helpful advice for continuing their success. She explains, “You should stay on top of your work, turn it in on time, and work on it when it is assigned to you. Once you fall behind, it’s very difficult to catch back up.”

We wish Mariell the best of luck in all that she does as she moves on to other phases of her life. Enjoy yourselves and thank you for bringing so much brightness to Concord.