The Motto: Attitude and Togetherness

Riley Adams

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Graduation 2023!
May 24, 2023

Connor Stevens jumping for the possession over the ball.

“Now let’s meet the Concord High school boys’ starting five,” the announcer, Chriss Adams, shouts to the audience. The annual Concord High School Snowcoming game had begun. The boys’ varsity defeated Union City 70-59 this year. Mekhi Wingfield led the varsity team in scoring with 20 points. Close behind is Connor Stevens with 16 points, followed by Anthony Evans with 10 points, Jordan Medellin provided 6 points, Gavin Riskie with 5 points, and Carter Arbuckle chipped in 4 points.

Coach Gill told us what the team’s goals are this season and what we can expect for the rest of the season: “Some of our key goals for this season are to win the Big 8 championship and the district championship.” Coach Gill was also asked who stuck out the most to him throughout the game and why. He explains,  “I’d have to say this game, Issac Waldron. He never lets up defensively or stops working hard. Well, all of our guys have that, but Wally stands out because he never stops playing hard. Our season didn’t start out that well, we lost two games in a row,” Gill continues. “We now have a motto: attitude and togetherness. We are always together and have a positive attitude. They worked on it, and we worked on our defense. As a result, we are first in the Big 8.” 

Anthony Evans, Snowcoming king and vital member of the Varsity team, said after the game: “We were ahead by twenty; we didn’t let them score much in the first half. We started to relax in the third quarter, and they started making a run, but we still ended up winning, and I’m happy about that.”

Jordan Medellin, a sophomore on the Varsity team, says, “We had good intensity, but we didn’t play amazing. We still won, and that’s all that matters. The community stepped up and supported us throughout the game, and it feels amazing to play in the Snow-coming game!”

Finally, Masen Smith, the team’s senior and best dancer, adds, “I am the best dancer on the team, one day I was practicing, but the next minute the moves came to me, and I couldn’t help but show them off.” Smith says our team is really well coached, and we’re one of the greatest defensive teams, but we still need to work on our offense more. Our goals are to win the league and go to the next level.”

If you would like to come to support this incredibly hard-working group of athletes,  they have a home game this Friday vs Bronson. JV starts at 5:30, and Varsity begins at 7:00.