Graduation 2023!

Julia Stevens and Riley Adams

The graduating class of 2023 threw their caps high into the air as the realization set in that this is the last time they will walk through the halls of Concord High School. While this may be the last memory they make together as a class, they should know that when one door shuts another one opens.

On May 21st the seniors walked across the stage and received their diplomas. The ceremony started off with the top ten juniors walking out holding the American flag, the Michigan flag, and the flag of colors. Following them was the Concord staff. After they all walked it was time for the graduates to make their way to their seats. A little while into the ceremony Ms. Price recognized the academic high honors. It was then time to give out four-year awards. Hannah Jordan received the four-year band and English award, Mariell Bommarito received the four-year Art award, Sam Kessman received the four-year Spanish award, Autumn Cornell received the four-year History and Math award, Madison Coburn received the four-year Science award, and Isaac Waldron and Logan Lamb both received the Health and Fitness award. When they all made their way back to their seats, it was time for speeches to start. Isaac Waldron talked about the past, and Valedictorian Hannah Jordan gave a speech about the present. It was then time for all their hard work to pay off. Each student was called to walk across the stage to be handed their diploma. Adair Artis then came up to the stage to tell his classmates to flip their tassels to the left, and they all threw their caps into the air. 

Linda Hernandez will miss Concord like many others. She says, “For me, the saddest part of leaving high school is leaving everyone behind and having the fear that I may not ever see them again.” She will be attending Jackson College for two years then she’s going to see where life takes her. She is nervous about meeting new people but excited to start a new chapter.

Devin Bisonet is very proud of his accomplishment. He has changed a lot since freshman year. He says, “During my freshman year I didn’t do any of my work and would mess around in class. Then, I got focused and started to finish my school work so I could graduate this year.” Bisonet shares that out of all the classes he has had his favorite one has been P.E. He says he likes the class because, “[He] got to play sports, stay active, and workout.” 

Class valedictorian, Hannah Jordan shares what teachers have helped her the most through high school: “Mrs. Colangelo and Mrs. O. They are the teachers I leaned on the most throughout the last couple of years.” Becoming valedictorian takes significant work and perseverance. Jordan’s advice for whoever wants to become valedictorian is to keep your head down and don’t get caught up in the excitement. She says, “Don’t put yourself through too much stress to try and achieve it because you will end up burning yourself out in the end.” She also wants freshmen to know, “Enjoy it while it lasts. You start freshman year and then you blink and then all of a sudden you’re graduating. Just get involved in what you can, go to as many events as you can, and have fun with it.”

Layla Hellard was asked to describe high school in two words. She says, “Procrastination and extravagant.” Hellard shares that her favorite part of high school was friends and teachers. She says, “My friends have really made it the best. You really learn a lot about who people are and where they are going.” Hellard wants anyone who reads this article to know: “I didn’t turn in everything last minute. I actually did turn some stuff in on time.”

Exchange student Luce Macciavelli shared her favorite part about this year. She says, “The people and my senior class were my favorites.” She adds that she also really liked sideline cheer and track season. She shares that her favorite part of the American experience was learning a new culture, school system, and sport, and meeting new teachers. She says, “Anyone who wants to be an exchange student should know to just be yourself and do everything you can because you just have one year. Just try everything instead of being afraid.”

Brian Helms has worked hard all throughout high school and shares what he is most nervous about when he leaves: “One of the things I’m most nervous for in the journey out of high school is going to college and trying to figure out what I want to do in the future.” Helms shares that the teachers really helped him succeed. He says, “The teachers wanted to see me succeed; I’m grateful for them. Mrs. Mattson helped me the most. She’s always helping me, asking if I need help, what’s wrong, and just making sure I’m okay.”  

Here’s to the class of 2023 for all their high school accomplishments. We know that no matter your post-secondary pathway each of you will bring hope and kindness to the world and use the skills you’ve developed to enrich life for yourself and others. You always have a home here at CHS. Come back and visit often; you will be missed.