Concord Girls’ vs. Bronson


Julia Stevens, Staff Writer

On Thursday night, the girls’ JV and varsity teams hosted Bronson for two exciting Snowcoming games.

The night started off with the JV game. They fought hard but could not secure the win. Their final score was 16-55.

Freshman, Lilieana Vandenburgh is an important player on the JV team. She says, “I think we tried our hardest this game. It was definitely a challenge for us, but we did our best.”

Freshman, Marissa Mandrelle is another important part of the team. She says, “I liked that no matter how much we were losing, we still did our best and we did not give up.”

After the JV game, it was time for the varsity. Within the first three minutes of the game, Cieara Barrett shot the first three-pointer. Grace Thorrez added two points with two minutes left to go. With 30 seconds left in the first quarter, Cieara Barrett hit another three-pointer. At the end of the quarter, the score was 8-21.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Cieara Barrett scored another three-pointer. With three minutes left, Madisyn Barrett added two points to the score. Shortly after that, Maria Stevens added another two points to the score. With only 40 seconds left, Hannah Stimer made a layup adding two more points to the score. At the end of the first half the score was 17-38.

Within the first 30 seconds of the second half, Thorrez added another two points to the score. Cieara Barret added another two with six minutes of the quarter left. Shortly after that, Cieara Barret stole the ball and added another two points. With four minutes left, Thorrez gets fouled and taken to the line, making one of her two free throw shots. Thorrez makes another layup with two minutes left of the third quarter. Stevens adds two more points to the score with one minute left to go in the third quarter. With five seconds left, Thorrez makes another layup making the score for the third quarter 30-61.

After being fouled, Savannah Payne is taken to the line making one of her two shots. With five minutes left in the game, Stevens gets a rebound and adds two points to the scoreboard. After being fouled Ella Woolworth is taken to the line making one out of two of her shots. Madisyn Barrett is fouled and taken to the line making one of her shots. The girls continued to play hard, and they ended with a final score of 34-74.

Sophomore Grace Thorrez awarded co-player of the game shared her focus on the positive despite the loss.  She says, “I really liked when I grabbed the ball with one hand and put it back up.” She wants to highlight Cieara Barrett because she never gave up and tried her best.

Freshman Cieara Barrett was the other player of the game. She thinks that the game was a challenge, but they did their best. She says, “We do need to work on passing and getting down the court.”

The girls’ next game will be on Tuesday, January 31st at Homer. JV starts at 5:30 and varsity starts at 7. Come support our girls’ teams!