Senior Spotlight: Autumn Cornell


Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

This week our Senior spotlight does not fail to impress. Senior Autumn Cornell has been at Concord all her life, and now it is her time to shine.

Besides being the fun-loving person everyone knows, Cornell also does multiple acts behind the scenes for our school: she is a part of our student council, NHS, and a dedicated student-athlete.

Cornell has been playing volleyball all throughout middle school and high school and even played travel. When asked what her favorite hobbies are she said, “My favorite hobbies have to be playing volleyball, anything with the arts, and visiting Jayden at Grand Valley.”

Concord alumna Jayden Householder has known Autumn her whole life and would like to say a couple of words about her: “Autumn is truly one of the most selfless people I know, she cares so much about the people around her, and she’s always there when you need her.”

Chemistry and Plant Science teacher Mrs. Colangelo mentions, “Autumn is an awesome student! Not only is she very intelligent, she is also one of the most inquisitive and creative students I have had in quite a while.”

Tanith Walker who has grown close to Cornell over the summer expresses, “Autumn is super caring and will take an effort to make sure anyone is included. She can always make me laugh and bring me into a better place. She truly has a beautiful soul and great energy. I’m so proud of everything she has achieved.”

Cornell is also trying something new by being a manager of the boys’ basketball team. She says, “I have always loved watching the boys and doing fun stuff for it so this year I took the chance.”

Cornell would like to say something to the people reading this, “If I had to say anything to people reading this I would say that throughout high school I have had some serious ups and downs, but they are what make me strong.” Although that is what made Cornell strong, her support to others whether it was through sports, academics or even friendship helped them become stronger also and we hope that she carries on that trait for the rest of her life.

Cornell is currently undecided between Ohio University, Point Loma Nazarene University, and Seattle Pacific University. She was also accepted into Indiana Tech and Grand Valley. No matter where she lands, she will always be a part of Concord, and we know she will make amazing achievements in her life.

Thank you for being a part of Concord, Autumn!  We wish you the best in the future.