Girls’ basketball builds for upcoming season


Omarion Culliver

Seniors Jamiya Rogers and Karlee Gamet participate in team building activities at practice.

Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

The crowd chanting, the sound of a basketball being dribbled up and down on a hardwood floor, the swish sound that comes from all netting a shot. That’s right…it’s basketball season, and today we are checking in on the girls’ Concord Yellow Jacket basketball team. 

When asked about their goals for the season, Varsity Head coach Dr. Rando shared,¨The goal for this season is to be able to walk off the court and say that [each player] gave one hundred percent. I’m not the type of coach that likes to see the scoreboard because the scoreboard is just so other people can evaluate us. If you can walk off the court knowing you gave your team one hundred percent, you won the game.¨ This is amazing because all Coach cares about is if his players gave one hundred percent; he doesn’t care about the scoreboard.

Senior small forward Karlee Gamet gave two reasons she likes being a part of the team.¨I like our coach; our coach is nice, and he knows the game of basketball well and tries to make it fun. I love being with the girls because it’s like a second family.¨ 

 Senior power forward Madison Connelly said, ¨One reason I like being a part of the team is that we are all like family! The second reason is how much fun I have out on the court whether we win or lose¨.  This is exciting to know that the team looks at each other as a family because it means that they have a strong bond and good chemistry.

The team said that some of their biggest opponents are going to be Homer, Springport, and Union City. Out of all the teams, it seems like our Lady Jackets would like to beat the Homer Trojans the most because they are the biggest rivals.

 This team is filled with hard-working and determined young ladies that have built a very special bond with one another. It doesn’t matter which one of them you ask, they are all going to say that they are like family. This team could win a lot of games and do some special things this season if they keep up the hard work. We wish the Girls’ Concord Yellow Jacket basketball team the best of luck…GO JACKETS!