Film Review

A young man in a sea of sand, this is Dune.

Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

DUNE, a whole new world, nothing but sand. A young man faces his destiny with his people in the midst of war. Director Denis Villeneuve does an amazing job bringing this epic storyline to life. Paul Atrities (Timothèe Chalamet) the scion of his family, his father Duke Leto (Oscar Issak), and his mother Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) are the main characters in this action-packed film. Paul is set to depart to his new home, Arakis, which is home to the Freman people. From an evil emperor to monstrous sandworms and an addictive, highly valuable resource called spice, this film does not disappoint. It also includes sword fights and heroic deaths and a mystery woman (Zendaya).

There were points in the film where it dragged on and the plot didn’t advance. If you haven’t read the books, you may find yourself struggling to understand in the beginning, but as the film goes on it makes more sense. But don’t let that stop you from watching the film, because there is much more to this film than just the plot.  The film’s score and soundtrack bring the dramatic effect we need in certain scenes, especially in such an intense film like this. The cinematography and visuals are what made the film go from good to great. Greig Fraser the colorist, turns Dunes’ visuals into an epic picture with his color grading techniques. He really focused on bringing the epic factor to the film but also keeping the intimacy alive between the characters and the audience. CHS student Autumn Cornell said “It perfectly captured sci-fi, action, and love. It did not disappoint from the original books.” Overall this film takes you through an experience, brings you hope, breaks your heart, and keeps you on your toes.