Modern Classroom

Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

Several debates can be constructed when talking about the new futuristic learning style that schools across the country are starting to use more and more.  What does a Modern Classroom consist of?    

 In a Modern Classroom, it’s idealistic for the teacher to have the goal to be able to have their students work at their own pace, given that the teacher can walk around and check up on their students more frequently.

Most students find it complicated to stay focused during traditional lectures. Part of modern teaching, it allows students to have video lectures that provide flexible learning so they can watch the lectures on their own time and take quality notes. Even-though this learning style tends to be the most popular, it does have its flaws, and not every student can agree that it’s suitable for them in order to learn properly. 

Modern Classroom can make it so students are just wanting to get the work done to pass instead of for the actual education. When students have a computer in front of them, most find it easier to just look up answers; whereas with traditional learning, it’s mandatory to take notes that will actually help students learn.

Mrs. Sigman the health and physical education teacher finds that both modern and traditional learning can be beneficial, though she also says, ¨When students are working behind a computer you can’t see where they are mentally.  Because Modern Classrooms are self-paced, it’s very hard not to procrastinate and get very far behind.¨ She finds that using blended learning in her classroom works best for all students. With blended learning, one day you can have traditional lectures, and other days you can work on your computer, do projects, or even have the option to do assignments with a hard copy. 

Modern Classroom
Savanna Gamet      

This subject will always be debatable. Sophomore Lily McCabe has found that Modern learning has actually been easier for her compared to the traditional style. ¨ It makes it easier for me to get my assignments done, teachers have more time to grade, and get the best planning done. Overall it keeps everything more organized.¨

A teacher that finds Modern Classroom helpful for her subjects is Mrs. O. She says,¨I like that it allows students to work at their own pace. It’s not a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter instruction. It helps students adapt to what they need. ¨

In the light of these facts, no same learning style is suitable for every student. It doesn’t matter what teaching style a teacher uses, what matters is trying to figure out a way for students to learn valuable life skills such as time management that will increase success in any learning situation.