Staff Spotlight: Mr. Reiniche


Mr. Reiniche’s kindergarten picture

Emma Marshall, Staff Writer

Here at Concord High School, there are a lot of fantastic and outstanding teachers.  One teacher who has been known for his endless sense of humor and sincere caring for students is Mr. Shane Reiniche.

Mr. Reiniche, the history teacher and quiz bowl coach, said that he loves being a teacher here and thinks that it’s interesting. Reiniche teaches World History, Psychology, Michigan History, Geography, Sociology, and a new class called Choose Your History. His favorite parts about being an educator are interacting with his student and fellow teachers and also making history fun.

When Reiniche was a child, he went to Concord throughout his entire school years.  He really enjoyed it because he had a lot of his cousins going to school with him, he also loved the small-town atmosphere. When he went to school here the teachers were more strict and there was more structure. His biggest influencers in becoming a teacher were his sister and his mom. He tried becoming a forester before he began teaching, but he didn’t do so well in that. Lastly, Reiniche went to college at Eastern Michigan University.

Outside of school, his hobbies involve anything outdoors including camping, hunting, and reading. In the future, he hopes to go skydiving. His biggest achievement was when he ran nine half marathons.

Mr. Reiniche working with class

Savanah Church, a senior and former student of Reiniche said that he makes learning in his classroom really fun. She loves being in his classes in the morning because he is very energetic and she likes it because it wakes her up in the morning.

Mr. Couling, a teacher here at Concord who has been working with Reiniche for 26 years said, “I appreciate his sense of humor and his dedication to his students.”

Mr. Reiniche often attends CHS sporting events and volunteers frequently to support the student-athletes outside of the classroom.   We can all agree that our school community is a better place because of the kindness he shares each and every day.