Student Spotlight: Ashton Easterwood


Emma Curry, Staff Writer

Our student spotlight for this week shines on sophomore Ashton Easterwood.  Not only is he is nice to everyone, but he is also able to take on the big responsibilities of school and sports, such as football and track.

Ashton is also very well known as the “Cheeto Boy” primarily because of his major Cheeto obsession. He’s so obsessed he even has a whole Cheeto Fit. Ashton says that this all started because one day he was online looking for a hoodie when he came across a Hot Cheeto one. From there he decided it would be awesome to get a whole matching outfit. 

If you don’t know Ashton Easterwood, TJ Allen, Mrs. Mattson, and Mr. Jurasek all agree that he is a student everyone here at Concord should get to know. They all expressed their thoughts about Ashton.

“Ashton is always caring he’s always putting others before himself, and you can always count on him,” TJ said.

“He is such a great human! Ashton is a student athlete that is compassionate, hardworking and funny. I appreciate his genuine concern for others, his easy going attitude and his smile,” Mrs. Mattson said.

“Ashton is a goal oriented, hard working young man with a great work ethic,” said Mr. Jurasek.

One characteristic Ashton is known for is his positive attitude. He feels like life goes way more smoothly when he has a good attitude. He also said that it just makes life a lot more fun. Ashton’s inspiration comes from his “parents because they have taught me so much on how to be a respectful person and how to just look on the bright side of things.”  He also explains why he is so kind. He says that when he makes someone else happy it also makes him feel really good. He also says, “Good things happen to good people”.

In the future, Ashton plans on using his good heart and great determination to become a long-distance truck driver and then invest the money he makes into starting his own business for landscaping.

 Lastly, Ashton was asked what makes him happy. Ashton responded by saying, “What makes me happy is when I get to have long talks with my grandma or grandpa or someone that has lived their life and has experienced things.” He also adds that he loves hanging out with his friends.

If you want to meet Ashton, just look for the friendly student wearing a Hot Cheeto outfit.