Pumpkin Carving 101

Biology students practice their skills


Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

Just recently Mrs.Fiero surprised her 4th-period Biology class with a pumpkin carving activity. The excitement and even curiosity on the students’ faces were evident when Mrs. Fiero brought out the cart loaded with pumpkins.

Two freshmen couldn’t believe how well their teacher had fooled them. Hannah Stimer said, ¨I was not expecting this at all.¨
After that Dani Fritz said,¨Mrs.Fiero did not give us any clues this was going to happen.¨

Mrs. Fiero does these activities not just for the fun of it but also so the students can get a feel of what they will be doing in their lab experiments. Mrs. Fiero said, ¨I have not seen this class be this active the whole year until now.¨ The students will use some of the same skills during dissection later in the year.

Mrs.Fiero loves doing surprise and delights; she used to do one every year but sadly due to covid could not do them last year. Now being able to do them again she is going to take it to full advantage.

What will be the next surprise and when will it be?