Library looking for readers

Alonzo Hopkins, Staff Writer

The Concord library is a place that most students know about. It was built in 1966 along with the rest of the school.  It’s a place where people can go to read and relax or a quiet place to do homework. It’s a place of peace and quiet, so then why aren’t there many people at the library? 

It’s rare that the library actually has people that go there to read books. The only people that do seem to go there are only there for help with their Chromebooks or projects. 

The main reason for the emptiness is because kids don’t seem to care as much for books as they did in the past. Mrs. Clark the librarian says, “If one of the English teachers has a new project that they’re doing they’ll come in and I’ll check it out. Though on a daily basis, I’ll be lucky if I get one student a day.” Mrs.Clark has also expressed that she wished more students would come to the library. Because of the library and the media center’s new construction design, it has more open spaces for students to relax and work on their own projects. 

There are many types of books available at the library, comedies and murder mysteries being the most popular. However, other genres are being pushed aside and only getting used when they are needed for projects. Digital E-books are not being used, mainly because most kids like to stick with the original copies. 

Freshman Nicole Kaiser says, “I think they’re okay, but I prefer the original.”

However, we do have a great librarian working to keep the library running smoothly and calmly. Senior Kiara Ozuzu says, “I love Mrs. Clark, she’s amazing and kind.”

Our library is a safe, quiet place where people can relax and work. Although not many students go there to actually read, we can change that by checking out best-selling books and using the new space to its fullest potential.