New Computer Science Class


Mrs. Couling assists Timar Spratley.

Emma Marshall, Staff Writer

Technology is a significant part of our everyday lives from phones to computers and more. Here at CHS, students have an amazing opportunity to learn more about the computer science field.

Mrs. Couling, the English, Drama, and now Computer Science, actually gave the school the idea of beginning this spectacular class. She explained that so far the class was going pretty well. There are some bugs, but it has been super fun.  The point of this class is that it moves more into the computer science field. It teaches coding and cyber security. This year kids will learn how to take computers apart and put them back together to figure out how they work.

Madison Oakley, a freshman, said that this class gives students an opportunity to learn new things. The class is pretty easy for her and she said it’s going really well. She was asked what her favorite things about the class were and she answered, “I like that everyone works together and gets along. I also like how when people need help their classmates are willing to help them.” Oakley thinks that computer science is beneficial for kids depending on what they are going towards in their career path.

Devin Bisonet, a junior, says that this new computer science class is a cool new addition to CHS. He also explained that the class is going pretty well so far for him. One of Bisonet’s favorite things about computer science is the people. He thinks the class is beneficial for the few students who have their minds on technology and coding.

CHS is offering great opportunities to students, giving them different options to help them decide their career path.