Do you know the importance of the SAT?

Savanah Church, Staff Writer

By now you have all experienced the SAT, or PSAT for Freshman and Sophomores, which means that you know the difficulty level and the mentality necessary for this type of testing. Most people taking the PSAT, and sometimes even Juniors and Seniors taking the SAT, aren’t aware of the importance or reason behind taking the test. I have spoken to Maddy Connelly and Mrs. Otto, and both of them had a lot to say about their opinion on the SAT, both good and bad.

Maddy is a senior who decided to retake the SAT with a little push from her parents of course. She is hopeful that the retake will be “good college prep, and that it will help make future college tests less stressful.” She is shooting for a career in neurosurgery and has discovered that her SAT score will open up better college opportunities for her. The only negative things about the SAT, in Maddy’s opinion, are that it isn’t always useful because some colleges don’t require scores, so it can be unnecessary stress for certain students who won’t need to rely on the score in the future.

Mrs. Otto stated that the number of seniors that were retaking the test made her very proud, not because of the potential outcome, but “because of the action itself. It shows that they were thinking about their future and that they are fighters.” Striving for a high SAT score, difficulties aside, can only work out if you try your best and have integrity. Trying your best does not mean showing up to school, running on four hours of sleep, and no food. Mrs. Otto’s advice for you is to use the study guide to familiarize yourself with the content and to “use the silly rules: eat a good breakfast and sleep well the night before.” 

Juniors, you are taking the SAT for the first time in April, so it is highly recommended that you are utilizing the resources given to you. A great resource for SAT Prep, is the practice assignments and walk-throughs on Khan Academy. They offer instructional videos, practice assignments, and even practice tests that are set up the exact same way that the real SAT is. Another good practice tool is on College Board, which is set up similarly to Khan Academy.

While testing, it is important to read the questions carefully. The most difficult part is trying to identify what they are asking from you. Before stressing, ask yourself what they want to know. As stressful and difficult as the SAT can be, try your best and push through because the benefits far outweigh the boredom.