How old is to old to trick or treat?

Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

It’s Halloween time.  How will you celebrate? Let’s talk about the burning question that has been in the back of everyone’s mind at this time of year: How old is too old to trick-or-treat? 

Whether you’re fourteen or eighteen, most teenagers just want to have fun and hang out with friends. Some teens are stressed about college or whether they are going to pass assessments. Sometimes teens need a breather, and dressing up as something spooky can help release all the stress.  Don’t believe me, ask Abe Reiniche. He plans on going as Mr. T or as the Brawny paper towel guy.  Abe said, “Hang out with your friends; you only have one childhood”. Halloween is a fun holiday and putting restrictions on it like “nobody over the age of 14 is able to go trick-or-treating” makes it so some teens react negatively by egging or teepeeing houses. If teens were given the chance to trick-or-treat, maybe they wouldn’t lash out and make poor choices. All in all, trick-or-treating as a teen can be a good thing because it’s always fun to be a kid. No matter your age, there is no harm in teens trick-or-treating. 

For the teens who don’t go trick-or-treating, there are many other fun ways to celebrate the Halloween season. Some of these include going to a haunted house or maybe going to the movie theater to watch a new Halloween movie. If you are interested in going to a haunted house, maybe you can check out Darkside Akers located in Jonesville MI. Sophomore Matthew Dilyard said, “It’s terrifying for all ages”. Maybe take a look at the new scary movie playing in theaters called “Halloween Kills” by David Gordon Green, which features the famous killer Michael Myers. If you have younger siblings maybe you could consider taking them to the PTO trunk or treat this Saturday in the elementary/middle school parking lot. Also, don’t forget to bring $5 and wear your Halloween costume to school this Friday. All the money collected goes to Jackson Animal Shelter. But remember, all dress code rules apply; this includes no masks, no profanity, and nothing inappropriate or scary.