Parking Lot Paint-A-Palooza

NHS fundraiser a success


Connor Haire, Staff Writer

 Are you tired of parking in the same dull, colorless spot every morning? Do you want to see the parking lot embellished and full of color? Then you should go check out the parking lot with a bunch of awesome designs from the Parking Lot Paint-A-Palooza event held on October 20th, 2021.

Although this event is intended to be fun, it also was kickstarted to help raise money for the NHS, which will go towards items such as senior medallions for graduation. Eventually, these funds will also go towards fundraisers for the Concord community. While talking to Madison Connelly, who is part of NHS, she recalled where the idea sparked from. “Mrs. Reed had brought the idea to my attention because a bunch of other schools were doing it, then I brought the idea to my officers and then put it all together from there.” When asked about her expectations for the outcome of the event, she stated, “Paint something that expresses you and that brings happiness to you, and I hope that this is a big outcome and that everybody likes it.”

NHS advisor Mrs. Reed also expressed her thoughts about the event, saying “I think it’ll be exciting for the students; I’m also excited and looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their spots.” Mrs. Reed also brought to my attention that some staff are participating in this event for the same reasons that the students want to partake in the painting. “Everyone is excited about what they can put on their spot to represent themselves. The idea is that it will then be your spot, almost like it’s your reserved spot.” So if you would like to donate money to a good cause, decorate the parking lot and also claim your own spot that expresses you, then you should sign up next year.