Motivational Heroes

Cheer team spreads school spirit


Omarion Culliver, Staff Writer

It is almost the end of the football season, so let’s get to know the people who can change the emotion of the game in a matter of minutes: our CHS cheerleaders. With a new coach, Ms. Emma Sigman,  the sideline cheer team strives to make a difference in each game. 


Sophomore cheerleader Lily McCabe defines a cheerleader as, “ someone who has school spirit, grit, and enough strength to do what we do and someone who is willing to put forth the effort to help our teams get to a higher level.” Cheerleading might look easy but it’s not; cheerleaders have to go everywhere the football team has to go most times. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, or cold, they have to keep the spirits of others up.


Coach Sigman hopes the cheer squad has an impact on the game and says,“I think that they help keep the crowds´ spirits up. I also think they keep the football players up when they are feeling down or someone makes a bad play. Them being there helps keep the mood happy and light.” 


To find out how much of an impact the cheer squad has on the football team, I asked a couple of varsity football players what they thought about the cheer team. 


Jagger Smith said, “The Concord cheerleaders have motivated me to continue to play in our games and keep the energy up.” 


Calvin Allen stated, “Me hearing the cheerleaders scream chants make me feel like I have support and makes me want to work harder.”


The cheer team has a huge impact during sports events; you could even say that they are motivational heroes.