Grit on the gridiron


Savanna Gamet, Staff Writer

The Concord High school football teams are fighting many battles on the field.  From transitioning to 8-man football to joining a new conference or even overcoming Covid protocols,  the varsity and junior varsity are becoming stronger players as they progress through their season. 

When students  join our football teams, they should expect more than just playing the sport. In order to play football, they have to be academically decent and build up mental discipline. The teams are so much like family that if one person falls behind everyone is there to help keep them on track, so that when they leave high school they become stronger people.  Coach Clark voices, “It’s really about being a part of something bigger than yourself.”  Football is so special to participate in because athletes can only play the sport for a limited amount of time. Unlike golf or any other  sport, students can’t play it at just any age. Coach explains how the best moment of this season so far was “the second half of the Vandercook game. Even though they lost, it’s an adaptation they will overcome leading to creating them into harder working players.”

Covid-19 has also been a hurdle that the players have to jump over. With having more knowledge on how to be safe compared to last year, it’s just a relief to see the boys on the field. Concord is such a small school, which makes it less difficult to avoid getting sick.

Varsity player Austin Obenour says that the biggest team improvement this season was that “none of us older guys knew the younger guys very well, but we did a good job teaching them this season. He adds, “Personally, 

Tyler Carpenter stood out most this season because he leads the team while playing a new position as quarterback, having a strong offense, and no matter what happens he still plays and never complains.”

Nose tackle Zackary Cesco talks about how the season is going emphasizing that  “the team has improved significantly compared to when we were summer practicing.”  

To close in on the achievements that the teams have accomplished this season, competing back to back every week and transitioning to 8 man football has been something that was easily adaptable for the players.  Although each game may not end in a win, these young men are winning in building character and teamwork while playing in a new format.

Come cheer on the Yellow Jackets at this Friday’s away game (October 15  7 pm)  at Merrill High School, and come see their last home game of the season October 22 at 7pm against Oakland Christian.