Varsity battles during Homecoming game


Caylin Bell, Staff Writer

The sun sets on the newly lined football field, fans pack the stands, and the band plays the Star Spangled Banner. The Varsity team walked onto the field with heads held high, ready for battle, un-phased by the JV loss to North Pointe Christian. 

In the first quarter, Tyler Carpenter scored with a three yard run and an additional  run for a two point conversion lifting the score 8-6. Carpenter said, “It felt good to do that cause then I could cheer my team mates on to keep their heads up and instill confidence in them.” Later on into the quarter Mekhi Wingfield caught a 26 yard pass from Carpenter with a failed 2 point conversion, which wrapped up the first quarter with the score 14-6.  

Halfway into the second quarter Tyler Carpenter made a 20 yard run with a failed two point conversion, to bring the score to 20-14. By the end of quarter two, the team fell down to 20-22 for the end of the first half. 

With halftime over, the Varsity team was not ready to give up, holding the Mustangs off as much as they could till the fourth quarter. Once again Carpenter, coming to the Concord rescue, scored another 33 yard touchdown. Sadly it wasn’t enough to prevent a 26-48 loss. Coach Max Clark suggested that“ the biggest lesson is to take the opponent seriously and make sure to learn from your mistakes.”  Very well said, Coach. Make sure to cheer on the Concord Varsity team at Fulton High School this Friday at 7pm.