CHS Hoco King and Queen 2021


Emma Marshall, Staff Writer

Introducing CHS royalty!  Our Homecoming King and Queen sat down to share their emotions after being crowned on Friday night.

Tashanti Stevens, a fabulous senior student here at Concord, was interviewed and asked a few questions about winning homecoming queen. When asked how she felt like a candidate for homecoming queen, Stevens shared that she was very shocked and surprised that she was on the court. Some of Tashanti’s hobbies include shopping, hanging out with her family and friends, and traveling. When she was announced homecoming queen at the game she said her first reaction was that she was shocked, she couldn’t believe it.  Lastly, she explained that walking the field when the court was announced and hearing her biographical information was the best part of her night. 

Calvin Allen, football player and senior student here at CHS has been pulled aside and asked questions about his thoughts on winning homecoming king. When asked how he felt when he found out he was a candidate for homecoming, he replied that he wasn’t shocked.  He knew was going to make it as a candidate. Allen’s hobbies include playing football, making youtube videos, hanging out with his girlfriend, and also hanging out with his friends. He also loves working out in his free time.  Allen was also asked how he felt when he heard his name announced for homecoming king. He shared that his heart dropped, and he was super surprised. He said that he expected to make it as a candidate but he never thought he would win as homecoming king.  Finally, Calvin was asked about his favorite parts of homecoming night and answered that the football game was his favorite, just being able to look into the stands and seeing all the people from his side cheering the team on, also looking around to see all the little kids around the field watching him makes him feel like such a big influence to them.

The Yellowjackets family is proud to have these two seniors represent our school community and can’t wait to see their future success.