Senior Spotlight: Jonathan Mikovits

Savanah Church and Emma Marshall

Our first senior spotlight shines brightly on Jonathan Mikovits: a hard worker who has participated in multiple school activities and extracurriculars, from chess to cross country, and more. 

His greatest achievement, in his eyes, was getting fourth in states during the cross country season. Cross country is a significant part of his life, sitting at the top of his personal list of favorite school activities. He says that the other people involved in the sport are the reason he loves being on the team because they make it more enjoyable. The people closest to him, like his family, have motivated him throughout the season.

Aside from his impressive cross country record, he has multiple hobbies outside of school. His favorites are chess, running, watching anime, and last but not least listening to K-Pop. Mr. Reiniche, the history teacher and Quiz Bowl coach stated, “Jon has been a stellar student and athlete ever since I’ve known him. He puts in a fantastic effort in the classroom, in cross country, and on the Quiz Bowl team.”

Jonathan stated that recently he has become more outgoing, and mentally stronger compared to his freshman year. This was evident in his Homecoming week participation as a senior class court representative, a Powerpuff cheerleader, and a Santa dancer at the pep rally.  Jonathan’s sense of humor and willingness to be involved are unmatched.  He also had some advice for his past self: “Make the most out of your time, and spend it wisely.”

His future plans are to go to college at Notre Dame, and hopefully go back to Scotland for vacation. His dream career is undecided as of now, but whatever he decides to become, we know he’ll be great.