XC continues strong tradition of success

Madisyn Barrett, Staff Writer

3.1 miles, 8 teams, 1 finish line. The Cross Country program has a rich tradition here at CHS, and this year is no different. The team has been working hard this season to get to the top. 

Sophomore Riley Adams has been running since 5th grade and plans to keep on running throughout her high school year. She says, ¨The team’s goal for this year is to improve our times and make it to state this season.¨ 

Senior Haylee Rinehart has been running since 7th grade. She says ¨The goal for the girls would be to make it to the top 3 in the conference as a team.¨ She also says, ¨ We also want to go to state again at least individually if not as a team.¨

Coach Mike Jurasek said, ¨It is all about the grind, pushing to your limits and surpassing them.¨ One thing about Cross Country is that they have to have the mindset to tell themselves to keep going even when they think they cannot go any farther. 

Coach Jurasek is a cornerstone of the XC tradition. He reminisces, ¨When I was in high school, my team won the first state championship for Concord¨ and from than the team has grown. They even won Big 8 championships 11 years in a row. They made it to state last year and got 3rd out of the whole state. 

One reason for this success is the focus on team bonding. The team travels to Mackinac Island every year for a week during the summer. They run to the apple orchard and to Swains and Lime lakes to hang out in the water.  With all of that team bonding, it helps bring the team together, which is evident as they run with each other and push each teammate to their limit. 

Junior Adair Artis has been running since freshman year and plans to keep running after high school. He says ¨One thing with our team is that no matter if you think you did not contribute a lot to the team you actually helped them out more than you would think.¨ He also said, ¨No matter how you did the team will always be there for you.¨ So when people hear about Cross Country, they think it is all about running, but it is actually a lot more. It is about personal growth and teamwork.

If you have never watched a Cross Country meet be sure to come and watch the Concord Jamboree Tuesday, October 5th at 5:30.