CHS first pep assembly since COVID-19


Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is one of the most exciting and stressful times of the school year. There are spirit days, minutes to win games, homecoming court, but the highlight of it all is the pep assembly. It’s very chaotic, but we love it.

This year we held the pep assembly out on the football field. There were many new games this year like donuts on a string eating contest and blindfolded musical chairs, a new favorite. There were also fan favorites like gladiator and tug-o-war. Each member of the homecoming court walked out to their chosen song. Sports teams were called down and introduced.. We also had the battle cry, which seniors won by the way!

One of the first games that took place was the football relay. This relay consists of one person from each grade; they had to race to put on a pair of football pants, a jersey, and a helmet. They would then grab a football and throw it to someone on their grade, first to finish wins. Seniors won this also. 

The next game that went on was the donut on a string contest. Calvin Allen was our winner, but Timar Spratley was a fan favorite as he ate his doughnut off the field. 

Timar eating the donut off of the field

One new game that was played (which definitely is a new favorite) was blindfolded musical chairs. Both Ethan Rose and Khaleah Wingfield took this game very seriously, but it was freshman Emily Blackmere who came away with first place. This game got many laughs from students and teachers and will definitely be coming back. 

Then came the fan favorite, Tug-O-War. Seniors and freshmen went against each other and seniors won. Sophomores and juniors went against each other and sophomores won. For the championship of Tug-O-War it was seniors and sophomores. This was a very close one, but Mekhi Wingfield led the sophomores with a little extra strength to pull through and beat the senior class.

To wrap up the pep assembly JV and Varsity football teams were called down to introduce themselves. This year’s pep rally formed new traditions that we hope to carry into the future.