Student Council Homecoming surprise

He-Man Volleyball and “Minute-to-win-it” games

Georgia Weeks, Staff Writer

Let’s talk about what the student council officers just pulled off on Wednesday Sept. 29th for homecoming. We all know of Covid and the capacity thing right? Well because of that we could not do lunch time games this year for homecoming week. Student council was not about to let that slide, so they decided to do something else that was safe but just as much fun as lunch games.

Surprise and Delight is what they call it. After lunch during our 3rd hour flex class students heard an announcement over the PA telling freshman and juniors to head to the gym and sophomores and seniors to stay in their class and wait for their teacher to hand out a paper. In the gym there was a “he-man” volleyball game, the freshman and juniors would play each other. In the classrooms there were “minute to win it” games for the seniors and sophomores. There were 6 classrooms with games, and students could go from class to class and play the games for a chance to win points for their grade. After 20 minutes was up the grades would switch and now the seniors and sophomores would play volleyball and the other grade would play the minute to win games. Juniors ended up winning volleyball against the freshman and seniors won against the sophomores. There was then a championship game between the two winners. So that made it senior and juniors in the gym and freshman and sophomore were taken to the football field for kickball. Juniors won and got 10 points for winning the volleyball and seniors got 6.

Everyone we talked to said they had so much fun, and they were very surprised, which makes sense because it’s called a surprise and delight. Jayden Householder said ” It was actually fun, especially the volleyball.” There were lots of smiles and laughs, it was overall a great day! Shout out to Rylee Weeks (president), Hadley Kettwich (treasurer) and the rest of the student council officers for putting in so much hard work for this day to happen. 

Senior boys excited after winning the first game
Collin Thompson clapping at the competition