The rivalry continues

Rylee Sinden and Madisyn Barrett

Four grades, all rivals, who will win?  Each grade competed against each other for the spirit stick.  They competed in activities to earn points which include a powder puff game, pep assemblies, float building, dress-up days, and different activities throughout the week.  

Each class chose a holiday to go along with the theme for homecoming.  Freshmen chose the Fourth of July, Sophomores chose New Year’s Eve, Juniors selected Halloween, and Seniors picked Christmas.  All of Concord came out for the parade and seeing the street lined with fans and children added to the excitement.  After all the hard work each class put in for their floats, seniors placed first for floats; juniors not far behind, followed by the freshman and then sophomores.  

After all spirit points were added up, it was a very close call.  The freshman placed fourth, juniors falling in third, then a very competitive rivalry between the sophomores and seniors with the seniors coming out on top.  

With Snowcoming just around the corner, the rivalry will continue.  Who will win?